[Video] Florida Swamp Fight – Gator Body Slams Python, Then Devours Him

Florida Woman Katina Boychew visited the Everglades in late March. While there, she witnessed a swamp battle royale seen in person by only a few. An alligator, possibly avenging the death of the 5-foot alligator swallowed whole by a Burmese python last November, got hold of a Burmese python himself, which was all captured on video.

When Boychew spotted the gator, it was sitting in the marsh with the python in its jaws and was munching away. The python was still moving, so the alligator body slammed it and ate the python whole.

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Gator Devours Python

Katina Boychew, who goes by @katina86 on Instagram, shared the video on the social media platform with the caption, “Gator vs. Python.”

The number of pythons in the Everglades is increasing rapidly. Owners purchase these non-native species; when they get too big, they dump them in the Everglades.

The problem has grown so that each year, the Sunshine State holds The Florida Python Challenge, where volunteers help remove the invasive, non-native snakes from the Everglade’s habitat to help protect the animals that live there.

In 2022 The Florida Python Challenge® had 977 participants, and one lucky man won $10,000 for rounding up 28 Burmese pythons, with the longest coming in at just a hair over 11 feet long.

According to Rosie Moore, a geoscientist based in Florida who works with pythons and alligators, Python sightings are on the rise and are expected. She spoke with the insider and had this to say.

“This is most likely due to both the pythons range extending further north and closer to areas people frequent, causing an uptick in reported sightings, and also the population increasing in general,” Moore said. “The python situation in Florida is far past the point of containment.”

When the alligator shakes its head and body slams its prey, the maneuver creates smaller bites of a larger meal.

Gators will generally eat turtles, fish, birds, and snakes. But they will eat almost anything that is in abundance. With the number of pythons on the rise, python is on the menu in the Everglades.

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You can report Burmese python sightings to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Exotic Species Hotline at 888-Ive-Got1 (483-4681). It is legal to kill Burmese pythons humanely, but there are restrictions on what you should do if you see one.

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