[Video] Feminist Miller Lite Beer Ad Goes Viral After Bud Light Fiasco

A Miller Lite Beer advertisement from March exploded across the internet on Monday, with many seeing it as another entry into the “wokeification” of American beers, with the last viral spectacle involving the placement of pictures of transgender Dylan Mulvaney on Bud Light cans.

The advertisement came on International Women’s Day, which occurs annually on March 8th.

Among other light beer companies, Miller Lite is well-renowned for utilizing a “sex sells” business model in which provocative pictures of women frequently accompany their product advertisements.

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“Women complaining about bikinis when they’re selling self respect on onlyfans and calling it empowerment… okay.” ~@LttleGel on Twitter

Miller appears to be undertaking leftist mental gymnastics – unsure whether using provocative pictures of women is “liberating” or “objectifying.” Despite radical left morality being unable to choose which, the alcohol giant appears to be going for the latter.

Much like Bud Light and its pro-trans virtue signaling, Miller Lite appears unaware of its majority-male target demographic and has instead opted to please woke non-customers and DEI-obsessed investors.

Despite constant examples of “culture war” retreats, conservatives appear too passionate about their beers to let them be taken over. In response to Bud Light’s trans posturing, dissatisfied customers launched an unprecedented boycott that has left the “king of beers” hemorrhaging money.

The same parent company, Anheuser-Busch, owns Bud Light and Miller Lite.

Though there hasn’t been any organized boycotting, many former Miller Lite enjoyers are calling out for it.


Conservatives have had a mixed reaction to the advertisement. Some point out that there is nothing conservative or godly about oversexualizing society – and, to an extent, agree with Miller Lite’s decision.

“I don’t think this is exactly the same as the Bud Light situation. They’re not wrong when it comes to using scantily clad women to sell beer. Is sexualizing women to sell products now conservative? This isn’t a critique of the models, it’s about what conservatives claim to value. And I’m hard pressed to see how scantily clad women fit into conservatism.” ~@rcam_tv on Twitter

Some conservative women applaud the switch, saying that appreciating women and not oversexualizing them isn’t “woke” – instead, it’s traditional.

“I like seeing a company support actual women and using actual women to do it! I’m not loving the profanity, but I don’t hate the message. I don’t view this as woke at all. Good job Miller Lite. Bravo!!” ~@LeiaKniskern on Twitter

Another user gave similar comments.

“I don’t really see the issue with acknowledging that some advertising might be a bit dated and could alienate women. Even if you disagree with me on that, I think we can both agree that this ad is nowhere near as tone deaf as the bud light one.” ~@BeignetWest1

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Other reactions have been rather blunt, arguing for a comeback of the “Miller Lite Girls.”

Miller Lite has not responded to any criticism and has experienced no notable sales declines since the release of the International Women’s Day advertisement.

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