[Video] Fan Attacks Referee at Youth Basketball Game

A wild fight between a parent and a referee spilled onto the court during an eighth-grade boys’ basketball game in Indiana on Saturday.

Trash-talking turned physical when a male parent got out of his seat and punched a game official at Sport ONE Parkview Fieldhouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The wild video was posted to Twitter by Jeff Lytle, who wrote in part: “… Why is it ok to attack an official?”

Fan Attacks Referee

According to the footage, the referee eventually tackled the parent to the ground, and the two got tangled up near the bleachers.


Fan Attacks Referee (Twitter/@jefflytle_37)

Meanwhile, players on both teams stood and watched while nearby parents attempted to de-escalate the situation. The parent and the referee were eventually separated.

According to Lytle, the incident occurred during an eighth-grade boys’ basketball game between Team Robinson 2027-PINK and the Blue Water Hurricanes, which lost the Game 78-7.

The man who approached the referee was reportedly a Blue Water Hurricanes parent.

It is unclear what started the altercation. However, the parent and referee were seen exchanging words before things turned physical.

A witness told WANE 15 that the parent complained about foul calls and was asked to leave the game after speaking to the referee.

When the referee attempted to get help in removing the parent, the man got in his face and grabbed the referee, according to the witness, who said the parent was escorted out of the venue and did not return.

The witness claimed they showed officers the video of the incident.

Spokespeople for the Fort Wayne Police Dept. and Allen County Sheriff’s Dept. said officers were not called to the scene, according to TMZ.

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It’s unclear if anyone was injured in the incident.

“This is insane,” one Twitter user replied to Lytle’s video, adding, “That official is one of the best guys we have out there on a weekly basis.”

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