[Video] Ex-Con Assaults, Sexually Harasses Subway Riders – Gets Stabbed to Death

In a story that’s received worldwide attention. Ex-Con Devictor Ouedraogo, 36, was on the Brooklyn J Train sexually harassing and assaulting riders. When he attacked Jordan Williams and his girlfriend, it was game over.

Ouedraogo was stabbed by Williams and ended up being charged with manslaughter. A wild video just released that was shown to a grand jury convinced them not to indict Williams and send him to prison for up to 25 years.

The video was shown to grand jurors, who refused to indict Williams, 20, of manslaughter on Wednesday.

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“I’m ecstatic,” his dad, James Williams, said after the charges were dropped. “I am very thankful for everybody’s energy and everything that has transpired to clear my son’s name so he can continue to live his life and move forward.”

The footage was taken by several unnamed passengers — at least one of whom testified before the grand jury — and appears to have been compiled from multiple videos of the same event.

The 1-minute, 27-second clip opens with a shirtless Ouedraogo, 36, getting in the face of a seated woman riding the Brooklyn J train near Marcy Avenue.

He touches her wrist, and the woman says to stop pushing him away. Ouedraogo, won’t stop and begins gyrating his hips and leers at the woman.

Devictor Ouedraogo & Jordan Williams

“You understand what I’m saying to you,” he says — smacking his lips.

The woman says again, “Stop it,” as Ouedraogo is joined by his friend wearing a denim vest and camouflage pants.

The other man mumbles something before picking up Ouedraogo’s striped shirt.

After about 20 seconds, the video cuts to a brawl.

As passengers scramble to escape the melee, Ouedraogo strikes at a woman in a tan sundress, later identified as Williams’ girlfriend.

Devictor Ouedraogo punched Jordan Williams’ girlfriend in the face.

“Don’t f–king touch her you piece of s–t,” an unnamed woman screams off camera.

Williams — wearing a navy-blue high school basketball shirt with his name on it- grapples with Ouedraogo while pressed against the subway bench.

Ouedraogo seems to put his hands around Williams’s neck, and Williams appears to reach for a folding knife.

“Get your f–king hands off of him,” the same unnamed woman shouts.

Ouedraogo pinned Jordan Williams up against the side of the train with his hand around Williams’ neck.

The video pans to the floor for several seconds amid the mayhem. When the video comes up again, Ouedraogo is stabbed with blood pouring from his abdomen, and his shirt is stained a deep red.

A stunned Ouedraogo slowly moves backward, away from Williams, toward the car’s rear. He eventually slips quietly into the next train car.

“I just stabbed that n—-r,” Williams says.

“You just stab him? Holy s–t. You gonna go to jail,” says Ouedraogo’s buddy.

Williams’s girlfriend responds, “No, you’re going to go to jail.”

She then picks up a red baseball hat Williams had been wearing, which was knocked off during the scuffle.

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Ouedraogo got off the train at Marcy Ave and collapsed on the platform. He was found by police responding to a 911 call around 8 p.m. He was transported to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, where he later died.

William’s attorney Jason Goldman said his client was happy the matter had been settled.

The shocking video “speaks for itself and simply supports what witnesses had told me from day one regarding the chaotic scene on that train ride,” Goldman said. “Jordan is grateful for the result and has a limitless future ahead of him.”

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