[Video] Don. Jr. ‘Pre-Endorses’ Matt Gaetz for FL Gov in 2026

Just hours before Wednesday night’s first GOP debate, Donald Trump Jr. and fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle interviewed Matt Gaetz, asking the Florida Congressman about his future political prospects and offering a premature endorsement.

“There are a lot of people in here. Matt Gaetz, what’s the next move?” Trump Jr. asked. “I see some Matt Gaetz for president, I see some Matt Gaetz for governor.”

While the next election for Governor of Florida is more than three years away, incumbent Ron DeSantis will be term-limited, as the Florida Constitution does not permit more than two consecutive terms.

Both Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle are Florida residents,

“I want him to be governor first for Florida,” Guilfoyle added.

“Oh no, no, no,” Gaetz responded, smiling.

“I would definitely enjoy that job so much I would never leave it, if I ever got that opportunity.”

Marc Caputo of The Messenger posted a clip of the interview to X.

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“By the way,” Trump Jr. continued. “I am going to pre-endorse Matt Gaetz for governor right now.”

“Same,” said Guilfoyle.”

“I’m the first to endorse Matt Gaetz for governor, because I just want to see the meltdown, the media absolute meltdown to that announcement…

I will be your campaign manager, fundraiser, whatever. I will work on that campaign aggressively” ~ Donald Trump Jr. to Rep. Matt Gaetz

Gaetz again indicated that he is not a candidate in the race for Florida Governor but signaled that he might throw his hat in the ring eventually, saying he had signed up Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle as his first two volunteers.

“Well I’m not in the race yet but I’ve signed up my first volunteer, and my second.”

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Wednesday’s interview is not the first time Gaetz has been asked about his future political ambitions. WEAR News asked whether he might launch a bid in March after Ron DeSantis leaves the Governor’s Mansion. He was more definitive then, saying, “I like the job I have now.”

“I work for Floridians who live between Highway 331 and the Alabama border and my only plans right now are to continue my services in the Congress. And folks don’t ever quit jobs, they quit bosses, and I have the best bosses in the world — the people of Northwest Florida.”

Gaetz’s latest interview with Trump Jr. suggests he may give the idea more thought.

If Gaetz does decide to launch a bid for Florida Governor, it may put him at odds with fellow Republican Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, who also previously signaled his interest in the job.

In July, Donalds was interviewed by Vanity Fair’s Pablo Manriquez,

“Oh yeah, I would do it,” Donalds told Manriquez about running for Governor.

“Oh yeah, I would do it,” Donalds, 44, tells me when I ask him if he wants to run for governor. “Would I do it, yes. There’s a lot of other things that have to be answered between saying yes, I would do it and…” Donalds trails off just as it sounded he was going to explain further. “Nah, come on man, I can’t give you everything,” he says, again with a laugh. ~ Vanity Fair

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