[Video] Dollar General Manager Mows Down Shoplifter In Her Car

An unidentified Dollar General Employee took matters into her own hands when she struck a shoplifter fleeing the scene on his bicycle with her car.

Doorbell footage was captured when an alleged Dollar General employee drove her car into a man riding a bicycle with a basketful of stolen goods who was reportedly on the run after stealing from her store.

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The takedown, which occurred on May 11 at around 11:20 a.m., shows the man on a bicycle riding down a sidewalk in Fresno, California, when suddenly a woman driving a white Honda swerved into the man and knocked him off his bike.

The impact bent the bicycle’s front wheel, sending the stolen goods in the bicycle basket, including soda and bags of chips, onto the driveway.

Dollar General Takedown

While the two cursed, they collected the spilled items. The woman picked up the detached bicycle basket and placed it and other objects in the car, while the man picked up and held as many things as possible in his arms.

The Fresno City Police Department could not confirm details about the incident but did say a “call” had been made between dispatchers and officers regarding the incident.

Eric, the Ring doorbell camera owner that recorded the video, said.

“I was actually in shock when it happened. I saw it live on my Ring camera while I was at work and couldn’t believe I saw it unfold in my driveway. The more I watched the video, the funnier it got.”

After the man fell off the bike, the woman exited and confronted him. The pair can be heard cursing at each other while collecting the dropped items.

When the man gets up, he tells her, “F***ing b***h.”

“Who do you think you are, steal things from my store, you bastard,” the woman said in response.

The two continue to berate each other, and the woman picks up the damaged bike and throws it toward the road.

“You’re not living the life I’m living, asshole,” he told her.

When the manager gets back into her car after recovering some of the goods, the argument escalates when the man threatens her with legal action.

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“You go to jail for that, b***h, be sure of that,” he says. “And I’m suing, b***h.”

“I need that money,” he adds.

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