[Video] Dem State Sen. Screeches, Acts Deranged Over Trans People

Democratic Nebraska State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh recently “voiced” her concerns with the Nebraska State Legislature by repetitively shrieking “We need trans people,” among other slogans, for over two minutes in front of her fellow legislators.


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The sudden outburst was visibly unsettling to the chamber, with some versions of the video showing what is presumably another senator getting up and leaving his spot shortly after Senator Cavanaugh launched her tirade.

The very public meltdown came in response to Nebraska’s “Let Them Grow” bill, which would make most abortions illegal after 12 weeks with some exceptions and restrict the use of “gender-affirming care,” namely surgeries and hormone blockers, for teenagers under 19.

The act – celebrated by Republicans as a protector of children’s life and health – has drawn outrage from the radical left, including Senator Cavanaugh.

Nebraska is the only state with a unicameral legislature – meaning they have only one legislative body, the state senate, instead of a state house and state senate.

Republican supporters of the bill overwhelmingly dominate the legislative body. Democrats are outnumbered nearly two to one.

Republican Governor Jim Pillen has indicated he will sign the bill when it reaches his desk and has released a brief statement defending it.

“These kids deserve the opportunity to grow and explore who they are and want to be, and they can do so without making irreversible decisions that should be made when they are fully grown.”

Senator Cavanaugh’s meltdown was a relatively ineffective “last stand” against the pro-life bill.

The online masses were so startled they abstained from mockery – most were shocked by the unserious state of modern American politics.

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“Ok. Enough. We need to provide [mental health] assessments to anyone trying to work in government AND make certain they are steadily on their meds. These people are writing policies that affect OUR COUNTRY and our CHILDREN.” ~@FreedomBelle3

Another commenter joked about worsening mental health – a persistent and untempered crisis in the United States for years.

“I remember about 15 years ago, we were told to invest in travel because the babyboomers were going to travel. Now we should invest in mental institutions. Great business for the next 10 years. $” ~@CoqueletPaula on Twitter

One user brought up the phenomenon of “protected classes,” arguing that they were illegitimate, considering the Constitution issues all citizens the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“I’m guessing she hasn’t watched this clip of her strange presentation. Correct me if I’ve got this wrong, but- Trans people are citizens. And all citizens of the US have the same rights: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No more for any group, no less for any group. The. Same. For. Every. Citizen.” ~@Hale823

From seizing state capitols to screaming in them, the radical left’s strategies for hindering Republican efforts have been increasingly extreme – but unsuccessful. With an example set by Governor DeSantis, Republicans across the country are determined to keep the woke agenda away from children.

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