[Video] Dallas Police K9 ‘Figor’ Takes Bullet for His Partner

Dallas Police K9 “Figor” and his partner, Senior Corporal Scott Jay, were hunting for a violent shooting suspect.

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Dallas police officers were dispatched to the Pleasant Grove area to search for Bryan Casillas, who shot two family members inside a Cypress Avenue residence during a loud music confrontation.

“God wasn’t ready for two warriors that night, and they did their duty in the face of evil,” said Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia during a news conference on Monday.

Figor and Corporal Jay struck paydirt when they found a blood trail, along with a bloody footprint to go with it.

Dallas Police Senior Corporal Scott Jay and Partner Figor

Figor follows the scent into an area near a small bridge over a creek, and Figor comes up on Casillas. Figor goes into beast mode and goes for the bite. Casillas fires at Figor, and he cries out as the bullet hits him in the chest. Even though he’s wounded, Figor continues his mission to get Casillas.

In the Bodycam video, you see Corporal Jay taking fire from Casillas. A round strikes him dead center in the chest, but his vest stops the bullet. Jay then takes a round to the leg. Fortunately, Jay was able to return fire and kill Casillas.

The moments after the shooting are tense as other officers rush to assist Jay and apply a tourniquet to his leg, but Jay’s only concern is the well-being of his partner Figor.

Jay Yells out, “My partners hit,” “Let me get my dog.”

Jay and Figor were pulled out of the scene, and transported for medical treatment, with Jay treated and released and Figor released from the Dallas Animal emergency hospital.

Corporal Jay and Figor paired up a year ago in a ceremony at Dallas Police headquarters. Now that they’re both healed up, they’ve returned for another ceremony. Dallas police chief Eddie Garcia presented Figor with special recognition for “heroic actions that helped save an officer’s life.”

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“The work of this dog that night is nothing short of heroic,” said Chief Garcia. “Our canines are invaluable members of this police department and helped save his partner’s life.”

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