[Video] Crazed Gun Control Activists Storm Tennessee Capitol, Disrupt Session

Mayhem struck the Tennessee State Capitol on Thursday after left-wing activists stormed the legislature demanding “gun control now.” Video of the scene shows hundreds of protesters flooding the building lobby, with many of them clashing with police and attempting to obstruct lawmakers. The protest was sparked following the mass shooting of The Covenant Christian elementary school in Nashville by 28-year-old transgender Audrey Hale, which left three children and three faculty members dead. The demonstrations were compared to the January 6 riot, as fears rise surrounding the planned April 1 “Trans Day of Vengeance” in Washington D.C.

Video of the Nashville protest showed upwards of thousands of people standing outside the Capitol, holding signs and chanting demands for gun control. Protesters reportedly pushed their way inside the building shouting “no justice, no peace” and “save our children,” where three Democratic Tennessee lawmakers then joined them.

In one scene posted by News Channel 5 reporter Kelsey Gibbs, protesters clashed with police as they attempted to force their way into the chamber. The crowd reportedly blocked lawmakers from entering. One protester could be seen being briefly detained by police and then let go.

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After the video was widely compared to footage taken during the January 6 riot, Gibbs deleted the post and reuploaded it with a disclaimer,

“I deleted the last tweet because I wasn’t as clear. This was a peaceful protest. Students, parents and their supporters went through Capitol security to lobby for gun control in the Capitol. No one was arrested. This shoving started when [Tennessee Highway Patrol] needed to make way for lawmakers.”

“Shoving cops isn’t peaceful, and just from that video, pretty clearly people should have been arrested,” one commenter replied.

“Amazing how the story goes depending on the political party,” said another.

Protesters eventually gained access to the chamber and disrupted the legislative session with the assistance of the three Democrat lawmakers– Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson. “Power to the people!” Jones could be heard yelling into a megaphone on the House floor.

In a similar scene this week, trans activists stormed the Kentucky legislature to protest a bill banning life-altering gender surgeries for minors. Just days after transgender shooter Audrey Hill killed six people in Nashville, students staged a “die-in” at the Kentucky Capitol in protest. Hundreds of protesters descended on the Capitol, with police confirming Wednesday that 19 had been arrested.

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The demonstrations have raised concerns as the “Trans Radical Activist Network” (TRAN) plans to hold a Trans Day of Vengeance at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday. Despite the shooting in Nashville on Monday, TRAN has encouraged protesters to attend the rally but has rebranded it the “Trans Day of Visibility” following backlash. The Tennessee and Kentucky Capitols events are widely believed to be a preview of the coming events in Washington, D.C.

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