[VIDEO] CNN Panelist Calls Work Requirements for Welfare ‘Offensive’ to Poor People

A CNN panelist called work requirements for welfare programs’ offensive’ to poor people as Biden and McCarthy defended the negotiation they reached regarding the debt ceiling.

With just over a week before the debt ceiling runs out, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca. and President Joe Biden reached a deal that they are now attempting to sell lawmakers and the American public on supporting.

It appears as if both McCarthy and Biden will have to convince their right and left flanks, respectively, to support the deal, as both hardline conservatives and progressives have already expressed their opposition to it.

McCarthy said that he and Biden reached an agreement ‘in principle,’ and Biden gave a speech defending the deal, saying neither side got ‘exactly what it wanted.’

Conservatives blasted McCarthy for offering Biden numerous concessions on the debt ceiling, including weakening work requirements to be eligible for several welfare programs.

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As it turns out, some Progressive Democrats oppose weakening work requirements to be eligible for welfare programs because they do not believe in them at all.

This weekend, a CNN panel discussed the deal reached by McCarthy and Biden, and one panelist, former Obama administration staffer Allison Ashley, called them ‘offensive’ to poor people.

CNN commentator Scott Jennings called the deal a ‘big win’ for Speaker McCarthy after he was able to secure some concessions on government spending.

“Big win for Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans, because where the President started and where he wound up today, miles apart. He had to come towards Kevin McCarthy,” He said.

Jake Tapper turned to Allison for her opinion.

“What do you think? A lot of Progressives feel like they got sold down the river; what do you think?” Asked Tapper after a number of Progressive lawmakers have said they may not support the deal.

Ashley did give some minor praise for the deal protecting veterans and homeless people, saying that it was ‘really important’ that provisions doing so were included in the final agreement.

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Then, she tore into Republicans due to their insistence on maintaining work requirements for welfare programs, saying it was ‘offensive’ to poor people.

“I think the Republicans’ obsession with work requirements are offensive to poor people, assuming that people want to be poor and don’t have the fight inside of them to work hard. It’s offensive, and I think it will ultimately come a backlash.” She said.

She also took a cheap shot at McCarthy, wondering aloud if the deal would stay intact due to more conservative members of his caucus.

“I also think, though, is Kevin McCarthy going to be able to get it done in his caucus? I mean, we were all sitting here at two AM in the morning seeing if he can get the votes; we weren’t sure what concessions he made. And so can he hold his caucus together, or is he gonna have to rely on Democrats yet again so that our country doesn’t default?”

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