[Video] Chicago Woman Swarmed, Beaten By Teens – Lightfoot Dismisses Violence

New, disturbing footage has emerged from the “Teen Takeover” of Chicago last weekend that saw a horde of the city’s teens burning property, attacking police cars, and even beating random residents. In the video, rioters can be heard laughing and shouting while a woman screams in fear for her life. Despite being surrounded by dozens of people, they all choose to watch, record, or participate in the violence.

The unsettling footage comes from a weekend of widespread violence and anarchy in the Windy City that saw the terrorizing of dozens of innocent people.

Despite the scene going viral, Chicago’s radical-left government is defending the terror and downplaying its severity. Infamous Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been among the most staunch defenders of the rioters, saying,

‘The mass majority of the young people who came downtown, came downtown because there was great weather and it was an opportunity to enjoy the city. That’s absolutely, entirely appropriate. There are a few that came with different intentions. They have and they will be dealt with. But I’m not going to use your language, which I think is wrong, to say there’s ‘mayhem.'”

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The reaction to the Chicago riots from Republicans has been a mix of anger, shock, and fear.

One Twitter user argued that law enforcement only applies when convenient to the Democrats in power.

“This is how the city looks when the DNC comes to town, except [with the DNC present] there will be national guard, tear gas, and water canons. Save the museums and lock the city down..” ~ @kstorma1

Another user called out Lightfoot’s comments about only a “few” teens participating in the mayhem.

“Your ‘few’ destroyed a car, jumped on a city bus doing no telling how much damage, broke into and damaged businesses and scared or harmed visitors.”

One commenter even said that it wasn’t the mass looting that bothered him – rather the destruction of property, and lives that the Left has been regularly terrorizing since 2020.

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Conservative pundit Nick Sortor tweeted about his anger with the decline of Chicago and the horrifying scenes it’s produced.

“In downtown Chicago this weekend, SEVERAL innocent people were ROBBED, BEATEN, TERRORIZED, and had their cars DESTROYED by a mob of 300+ teens. The Mayor-elect’s response? He defended the mob’s actions, saying they’ve been “starved of opportunities” Chicago is doomed.”

The DA and the new radical-left mayor have shown no interest in tracking down and prosecuting any criminals involved in the savage beating. The woman who the teens pummeled will likely not see justice.

Despite thousands going into the streets, only approximately 20 have been charged with any crime. In the name of “equity” and “opportunity,” the radical left and their district attorneys have turned American cities into dangerous, uninhabitable war zones that leave law-abiding citizens to die.

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