[Video] Chicago Dad Robbed at Gunpoint in Front of Home as Family Slept Inside

A chilling video captured the moment a Chicago resident was robbed at gunpoint by a group of masked thugs in front of his home as his wife, kids, and other relatives slept inside.

Victor Galena Sr. was on his way to work at about 6 a.m. Friday in Chicago’s Hermosa neighborhood when a group of armed thugs wearing black ski masks robbed him and two companions.

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“They started pointing a gun at my dad and [one of his companions] who was up here on those stairs,” the victim’s son Victor Galena Jr. told the news outlet.

The group had been counting the money they planned to spend on construction tools that day when thugs attacked them.

Chicago Dad Robbed at Gunpoint

Fearing the men might try to enter his home, the father stayed in the doorway.

“In case they try to force their way in there, then he was going to fight back,” the son said, noting that Alena, Victor Sr.’s wife, five children, sister, and nephews were sleeping inside.

Galena Jr. said his unarmed dad was “definitely” a hero.

“he says he doesn’t feel like a hero. It was mostly like a father’s instinct that kicked in,” Galena Jr. said.

“It’s the people that you look up to that you call right away when you need someone to defend you, and if they can’t defend you, then who are you going to call if you’re defenseless by yourself?” he added.

The financial impact on Galena was significant as the thieves stole all the money he planned to use to buy tools and supplies for work. He also lost a day’s salary.

Police said the same group of brazen thieves later committed the same crime against at least ten other people as part of a string of robberies in which they targeted residents leaving for or arriving at their jobs.

Police said incidents at 48 addresses are being investigated, and the Southwest, West, and Northwest sides of Chicago all have community alerts for the thugs.

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The suspects, who wore black ski masks, dark clothes, and blue gloves, remain at large.

The crime occurred a day after Mayor Brandon Johnson unveiled his plan to push for violence prevention and provide millions of dollars to youth outreach groups.

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