[Video] Bus Driver Fired For Shootout With Armed Thug

Charlotte Transit system bus driver David Fullard is out of a job after he got into a shootout on his bus with an armed thug who is a convicted felon and shouldn’t have had a gun, to begin with.

The Charlotte Area Transit System finally released surveillance video from the May 18 incident.

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According to investigators, the shooting started after a passenger got into an argument with the bus driver.

A man with a hoodie, later identified as Omarri Shariff Tobias, 22, got on the bus and allegedly tried to ride without paying. Words were exchanged between Fullard and Tobias.

Charlotte Bus Driver Shooting

At some point, Tobias told Fullard to let him off the bus, but Fullard refused, as they had not arrived at a bus stop.

Tobias continued to argue and made several threats before he pulled a gun on Fullard.

Fullard drew a handgun of his own and opened fire, and the shootout was captured on the bus’s interior cameras. Passengers ducked for cover while Tobias made a hasty retreat, doing a low crawl down the center aisle.

Tobias then took cover against the rear exit using another passenger as cover. Fullard got out of his seat, took aim at Tobias, and put three more shots down range.

While Tobias got off the bus, Fullard fired one last shot at him, which concluded the gunfight.

Fullard was shot in the arm and is recovering at home, while Tobias was shot in the abdomen and, when released from the hospital, went to jail on numerous charges.

The company fired Fullard, who’s been with the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) for 19 years.

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“It would have been reasonable for the operator to attempt to de-escalate the situation by allowing the suspect/passenger to exit the bus before arriving at the next bus stop,”

The transit system also said it is against company policy for an employee to have a weapon on its property or while doing their job.

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