[Video] ‘Bring it B-tch!’ – Florida Golf Course Descends into All-Out Fistfight

What was supposed to be a casual golf outing in the Florida sun turned into a bare-knuckle brawl after two foursomes launched into a fight. A viral video initially posted to Instagram shows the eight golfers swinging, kicking, and cursing at one another at the Cleveland Heights Golf Course in Lakeland. The melee was reportedly triggered by one of the group’s slow pace of play.

In the footage, one of the group members can be seen shouting at another, telling the golfers to play “faster.” One of the golfers defends himself, saying, “There’s a group in front of us. We can’t go any faster.”

After a brief exchange of words, one of the golfers from the slow group appears to shove one of the other men before getting kicked in response. Soon after, the two gangs descend on one another, turning the disagreement into an all-out golf brawl.

“Oh sh-t! Dude we can go viral!” says the cameraman, recording from a nearby hill.

“Only in Lakeside, FL” says the caption of the video.

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The footage eventually cuts to later on in the fight, when the golfers appear to be tuckered out. However, a handful of them continue to duke it out, flailing their tired arms at each other.

“Bring it b-tch!” one of them shouts.

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At one point, one of the golfers attempts to kick the other, only to miss his shot and be shoved down to the ground after having his leg grabbed.

Eventually, a ranger saunters over to the men and asks what is going on, to which one replies that the other group had “been hitting balls into us all goddamn day.”

Another golfer then adds,

“Where the f-ck have you been ranger?”

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