[Video] Brazen Blazing Bandit Uses Blowtorch to Rob Walgreens

A shoplifter in New York City found a creative way to get around those plastic security cases that lock up drug store items and keep customers from getting what they need – He sets them on fire and melts them open.

The brazen bandit entered the Queen’s Walgreens on Astoria Boulevard and fired off a blowtorch to melt the plastic of the locked security cases and bypass the anti-theft measures before stealing several items and putting them in his bag.

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The 1:43-second CCTV video of the theft has gone viral on social media.

The thief’s haul after a few minutes of pyromania: about $448 worth of skin care products. Other shoppers and employees stood by silently filming the theft on their phones, according to the video.

Blowtorch Bandit

The thief wore a surgical mask and a hoodie and then casually lit the enclosed case on fire. After stealing the products, he fled the store, NYPD said.

There have been no arrests, and the investigation is ongoing.

The blowtorch method is a response to new security measures used to thwart security measures but also keep honest customers waiting for someone to unlock a case for needed items.

In recent months, Walgreens and other retailers have increased the number of products kept locked behind transparent plastic displays to stop shoplifters from stealing everything from razor blades to toothpaste.

One San Francisco Target store was forced to lock up its entire product range behind security glass due to the exploding crime rate.

Critics say New York’s shoplifting spree is another indicator of America’s lawless, liberal cities. New York’s bail reform rules make it harder to keep people accused of nonviolent crimes locked up before trial.

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The brazen theft came a month after New York City Mayor Eric Adams vowed to crack down on retail robbery.

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