[Video] Another TV Presenter Collapses to Floor During Live Broadcast

A shocking moment was caught on camera Thursday when a TV presenter collapsed to the studio floor during a live broadcast. Elianis Garrido, 35, appeared to suffer a medical episode while presenting the Columbian news show Lo Sé Todo, or “I Know Everything.” Garrido could be seen clutching her face before falling out of her seat and onto the floor.

Garrido’s co-host Ariel Osorio had been presenting a news report when she reportedly began experiencing “respiratory problems.” Footage from a studio camera shows Garrido struggling before swiveling in her seat and falling out of the frame. The camera pans to a shocked Osorio, who stands up and quickly calls for a commercial break.

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A newly released video from an overhead camera shows the studio crew quickly rushing to help Garrido. One producer can be seen throwing a handful of papers to the floor and running over the check on the TV host. The crew then helps her into the recovery position while they wait for the ambulance.

After returning from the commercial break, Osorio assured viewers his co-host would be fine and said she was experiencing “respiratory problems.”

In a heartfelt moment, Garrido then addressed Garrido’s mother directly, who he said is a regular viewer of the show.

“Everything is fine, Eli is perfect. She is finishing up some security protocols and she is fine, don’t worry. She will call you soon, we will tell you what is happening with Eli.”

Another presenter for the network, María Fernanda Romero, later added that Garrido had been feeling unwell in the days leading up to the incident. She attributed Garrido’s medical episode to changes in the climate. Romero said that Garrido had been experiencing a bad cough.

Garrido, who has a following of more than 6.2 million on Instagram, has not addressed the incident publicly but has returned to being active on social media and appears to have recovered from the episode.

The incident was originally recorded on March 16, just two days before Los Angeles meteorologist Alissa Schwartz experienced a similar episode on her broadcast.

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Schwartz was preparing to present her morning weather report when she began to struggle in her seat. In another shocking video, the color drains from her face as she starts to feel dizzy. Her eyes can then be seen rolling back in her head as she collapses to the studio floor.

“Alissa, this really is the calm before the storm,” a co-host had said just seconds before she lost consciousness.

Schwartz, a former Mrs. California winner, had reportedly experienced health issues in the past relating to her heart. In 2014, she vomited during a live broadcast, leading to her being diagnosed with a leaky heart valve.

Despite her past troubles, the Los Angeles weather reporter was also later reported to be in good health, writing on her Instagram story.

“Thanks for all the texts, messages, and calls! I’m going to be ok!”

Thanks for all the texts, messages, and calls! I’m going to be ok! Click to Tweet

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