Victory Lap: DeSantis Notes Palm Beach County Blushed Red for his Midterm Victory, Promotes Book

After releasing his book ” The Courage to be Free,” with its vision to revive America by scaling his achievements in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis held a “fireside chat” in West Palm Beach on Wednesday, where he elaborated on his victory in the historically true-blue district.


“We were able, for the first time in almost 40 years, to have a Republican governor win Palm Beach County,” DeSantis said in his early remarks to the crowd of more than 500 people at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.”

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DeSantis has spent a notable amount of time in the traditionally blue district and chronicled his work in the area in his book, according to Palm Beach Daily News. He touted his removal of former elections supervisor Susan Bucher after accusing her of inaccurately reporting elections data. He also shouted out Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner, who DeSantis recently appointed to lead the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, to bring vaccines to places like Publix to reach out to senior communities.

At the event, the Governor celebrated the Palm Beach County Commission swinging red for the first time since 2006. He did not mention Michael Barnett, the commissioner DeSantis appointed to grant the GOP majority. However, Barnett told Palm Beach Daily News that this visit in DeSantis’ book tour was critical to recognize massive republican turnout and independents largely breaking right in the area during midterms. He also expressed his optimism for the story’s repeat in other counties.

“Palm Beach County is catching up like Dade County, hopefully maybe Broward County in a couple of cycles, if not the next cycle,” Barnett said. “Palm Beach County is not just important for the votes we turn out, but for the dollars candidates raise here.”

DeSantis also talked about the book itself, claiming it’s fundamentally hopeful.

“There’s a lot of hope in the book. I’ve always enjoyed being a Floridian, but I think that we have some mojo here in Florida as being the free state of Florida, being willing to buck these elites and being proud that we’re doing it our own way, and that is a way that I think could succeed in all 50 states.”

While DeSantis still has not yet announced a presidential run, the book and his tour promoting it, which includes vital early battleground states like Iowa, are laying the groundwork. The book itself, which according to all reports, reads like a memoir, mentions Trump often by necessity but in a neutral tone. This is in line with what seemed to be DeSantis’s general strategy.
DeSantis mentions multiple instances of Trump encouraging him to talk him up and show more public support in the book. However, DeSantis also affirmed he and Trump had a “good relationship” at the time and expressed gratitude for the PResident’s support during his first gubernatorial run. Still, they defended the win as being primarily on his own merits.
“I do not think Republican primary voters are sheep who simply follow an endorsement from a politician they like without any individual analysis, but I do believe that a major endorsement can put a candidate on the radar of GOP voters in a way that boosts a good candidate’s prospects,”

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