Vicious hate directed at Palm Beach County’s Angelique Contreras

Angelique Contreras dared to exercise her rights as a free American by running for the local school board and protesting peacefully at our nation’s capital. Leftist thugs on Twitter were outraged, so the hate began.

Anonymous leftist losers on Twitter started circulating a photo of Contreras at the nation’s capital on Jan. 6.

In the photo, Contreras is pretty far away from the capital. Contreras did not break any laws and left as the violence was beginning.

Just being law-abiding and peaceful isn’t enough in the leftist thugocracy we live in now.

Local TV station CBS12 conducted a hostile and barely civil interview with Contreas because, as the lede says on their website:

“Concerned parents are voicing their thoughts about a Palm Beach County School Board candidate who was captured on camera participating at the Jan. 6 protest outside of the Capitol in Washington D.C.”

No “concerned parents” were interviewed or identified, which usually means the opposing candidate’s operatives manufactured the non-story in cooperation with the reporters.

Notice the word “captured,” not “a photo has emerged,” but captured. Think about the images that went through your mind when you read that word. That’s not a mistake.

The savagery of the attacks on Contreras is disgusting, worse than what our delicate little local school board received.

The leftist-thugs want conservatives to commit suicide, conservative kids bullied, Contreras, to get cancer, and Florida wiped from the map.



Just the usual compassion progressives show to anyone who disagrees with them. Their woke intolerance is gross, and their delusions of moral superiority are laughable.

Contreras did an excellent response video to these attacks:

Contreras is one of the sweetest women I’ve met, but she’s also a patriot and a mom who’s unafraid and will not back down in the face of evil, and we’re all better off Contreras is out there fighting the good fight.

We need better people to participate in the political process, and one of them is Contreras.

For more information about Angelique Contreras, visit her website,

Disclosure: I’ve personally donated to the Contreras campaign.

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