US Economic Power Shifts South as NY and Chicago Collapse

The Southern United States, stereotyped as being behind the rest of the country in industry and infrastructural development, is experiencing an economic and population boom that puts states like Georgia and Florida ahead of the rapidly declining New York and Illinois.

A US Bureau of Economic Analysis report shows that the GDP share of the Northeastern United States – New Jersey, New York, and the New England states – has plummeted since 2018. The largely-Republican Southeast has, on the other hand, seen a rewarding economic boom as a result of more lax pandemic policies and pro-business reforms. Florida, the Carolinas, Texas, and Georgia now account for 23.8 percent of the US GDP – 1.4 percent ahead of the Northeast.

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Further data also shows that more than two-thirds of post-pandemic job growth has been in the South, resulting in a cumulative 100 billion dollar increase in income over the last two years – compared to a 60 billion dollar loss in Democrat-run states. “You could throw a dart anywhere at a map of the South,” said Fortune 500 economic consultant Mark Vitner, “and hit somewhere booming.”

The gap will likely increase as catastrophic policies and drastic population decline wreak havoc on the Northeast.

Governor Ron DeSantis’s Florida is leading the pack in economic development and population boom. DailyMail reports that Florida and neighboring states have received more than 2 million new Americans, and several high-profile businesses, including the famed Mayo Clinic, have focused their investments in Jacksonville.

According to the Census Bureau, the Villages, an overwhelmingly conservative area of Florida, was the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United States. The region saw a more than 7.5 percent increase in population – a far cry from stagnant, dangerous, and migrant-laden Democrat cities across the country.

Republican Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas has also overseen a massive boom in population and economic opportunity. The Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metropolitan areas had the highest numeric population growth in the country.

The development has left-wing analysts who thought increasingly conservative values and abortion restrictions would deter migration shocked. Bloomberg reported that “whether the growing conservative tilt on issues including reproductive rights could chip away at the influx of people willing to move to some southern states remains to be seen. There’s no evidence that it has slowed the flow of migration.”

Online observers have responded that the South – long the subject of jokes and “disparaging” laughter by leftist northeasterners – can now look forward to a comparatively brighter future.

“Interesting. Whenever the topic of ‘national divorce’ comes up, I always see people on the left in states like California and New York disparaging the South as contributing next to nothing to the national economy. Looks like that isn’t the case…” ~@FoilTha on Twitter

“Mostly are escaping fail democratic policies that have turn their states cities into 3rd world living conditions. Keep Red States Red..” ~@JEBB12135590 on Twitter

Without drastic and immediate change, the decaying hubs of American enterprise – cities like New York, Jersey City, and Boston – face being outrun by their southern competitors.

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