‘Unaccountable’ – Louisiana Republican Slams Biden’s Reckless Administrative State

Republican representative from Louisiana Mike Johnson on Wednesday slammed Joe Biden and what he calls the ‘administrative state.’

The Republican delivered fiery remarks amidst the introduction of the “REINS” act, which would put rules in place for the “nameless, faceless” bureaucrats that hold an extraordinary amount of influence over the governance of the American people – and who are ultimately unaccountable to them.

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The ‘administrative state’ has been the subject of intense scrutiny and name-calling by Republicans for years. Donald Trump began the crusade against it, labeling it the “deep state,” and signed an executive order trying to make almost all federal employees “schedule F political appointees,” allowing them to be quickly and conveniently fired.

“Consolidation of power has become really very dangerous. It’s created an administrative state that is out of control. It’s contrary to the separation of powers doctrine in our Constitution, and it diminishes the political accountability of the people who set policy.” ~Representative Mike Johnson

Upon taking office, Biden immediately revoked this executive order, opting to keep the many Democrat-sympathetic bureaucrats employed. These bureaucrats, through agencies like the Department of Education and Environmental Protection Agency, exert massive influence over governance and the economy in the form of regulations – effectively allowing President Biden to usurp the power of the legislative branch.

The REINS Act, introduced by Representative Johnson and hailed by his Republican colleagues, would require congressional authority for the implementation of a “significant” rule.

The bill defines any regulation which has a higher economic impact than 100 million dollars, impacts employment or investment, or hurts US competitiveness with foreign economies, as “significant.”

In effect, a massive amount of the power held by Biden’s unaccountable bureaucrats would be returned to Congress and, by extension, the people.

More than 190 Republican legislators in the House have indicated they will support the bill so far.

Representative Kat Cammack of Florida, a supporter of the bill, attributed the rapid decline in the achievability of the American dream to Biden’s mass regulations on the US economy.

“When you think about all the challenges that we’re facing as a nation, from our national security concerns to hyperinflation the thing that no one talks about is the regulatory environment. It truly is the silent killer of not just the American dream, but I mean, it is contributing significantly to this hyperinflation.” ~Representative Cammack to Fox News Digital

The bill has so far passed in the House Judiciary Committee and is on track to be introduced to the House soon.

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Conservative voters, many of whom have suffered at the hands of reckless bureaucrat spending and subsequent inflation, have applauded the move and the Republican legislators behind it.

“Perhaps the most important piece of legislation in the last 20 years.” ~@Brian_Boroihme on Twitter

Though it will almost certainly pass in the House, the REINS Act faces tough odds in the Senate. With Biden refusing to negotiate on his reckless spending and with his party firmly behind him, it’s likely this attempt at fiscal responsibility – like many others – will fall flat.

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