U.S. Woman in Mexican Rehab Beaten to Death by Lesbian Lovers – Cut Up Body

Claudia Rubi, 43, and her employee Diana Paola, 28, whom she also dated, have been arrested after they allegedly beat a rehab patient to death in Mexico and attempted to dispose of the body by dismembering her and cutting up the body parts, including several that were discovered in a blender.

Celia Castañeda, 35, of Wichita, Kansas, traveled to the Monarca Drug Recovery Center in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, for help with drug addiction. While there, Celia was beaten to death, and the suspects took her body to their home in Ciudad Juárez.

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On the morning of May 18, her family received a call from the clinic’s director, Claudia Rubi, who alerted them that Castañeda had walked out under her own will hours after she had been registered.

On May 19, police initiated a search and visited the clinic, where they discovered traces of blood in the kitchen and two rooms where the patients rested.

Claudia Rubi & Diana Paola

That same day, neighbors in the Ciudad Juárez neighborhood of Cuauhtémoc called 911 to make a noise complaint, indicating they had heard the loud sounds of music, a power saw, and a ‘chair falling and breaking.’

Police visited the property and were led to the home by the owner, Francisco Irigoyen. They walked up an external staircase and found a pajama set and slippers covered in blood stains.

Diana Paola received the cops at the door and, along with Claudia Rubi, dodged police questions. The pair, who have been dating each other, ran out of the home but were arrested immediately in the backyard.

While searching the home, police made the gruesome discovery that Castañeda’s head, genitals, and limbs had been removed from the torso found in the bathtub.

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As police continued to canvass the apartment, Castañeda’s internal organs were found dumped in several buckets, and one of her organs and human flesh were inside a blender on the kitchen counter.

Cops also came across a bucket with acid that the suspects planned to use to dissolve the victim’s body.

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