Twitter Users Hammer Politico Article Trying to Paint Manhattan DA as Politically Neutral Ahead of Trump Indictment

In the wake of reports that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will soon indict former President Donald Trump, a war of words has broken out between Trump and liberal supporters of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Trump has repeatedly blasted the case against him for being politically motivated and attacked Bragg’s hypocrisy for having a soft-on-crime record while attempting to throw the book at him.

On Monday, Politico wrote an article sympathetic to Bragg, painting him as a prosecutor who is apolitical and evenhanded.

The article cites people familiar with Bragg, including former coworkers, who claim he is fair and impartial.

“Alvin is generally a pretty unflappable guy,” said a former federal prosecutor who worked with Bragg at the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office. “From a demeanor standpoint, he will look roughly the same on Monday and on Wednesday despite the hurricane that rips through the office on Tuesday.”

Conservative Twitter users criticized the article’s attempt to rehabilitate Bragg and make it appear as if politics did not factor into his decision to pursue an indictment of Trump.

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Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk blasted Bragg for campaigning on prosecuting Trump and his lawless soft-on-crime policies, saying that Politico’s reporting is “the exact opposite of reality.”

While Bragg initially refused to prosecute Trump, according to reports from his first months in office, he faced increasing pressure from his liberal base and members of his own office to go after Trump even though he believed the case lacked the evidence for a conviction.

Two attorneys at the Manhattan DA’s office resigned due to Bragg’s refusal to prosecute Trump.

“You need to respect our judgment, our decades of experience as prosecutors and defense lawyers, and the work that we have put into the case, more than you have to this point,” One attorney, who later resigned due to Bragg not prosecuting Trump said.

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Phillip Walzak, a consultant who works in Bragg’s office to distribute funds to the CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance, said that he did not believe Bragg’s decision to pursue an indictment of Trump was politically motivated.

“He is a lawyer and prosecutor first, absolutely. I think he would probably tell you he is not a political strategist or James Carville-type,” Walzak said. “I think that is actually what you want in these moments – someone who is about the facts and about the law rather than someone who has a political ax to grind.”

Still, others have pointed out that if the allegations against Trump had substantial evidence, there is no reason federal prosecutors under a Democratic administration wouldn’t pursue them.

Others questioned Bragg’s impartiality by bringing up that Bragg has previously… bragged about suing Trump during his tenure as District Attorney.

While liberals have repeatedly dismissed claims of political bias, arguing that ‘no one is above the law,’ one former New York attorney called that logic into question.

“I don’t know whether, when you weigh the benefits of deterrence and sending a message that, ‘No man is above the law,’ [the value of the prosecution] is potentially outweighed by the civic cost.”

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