Twitter User Singlehandedly Destroys Pride Month in Epic Thread

As June ends, a recent Twitter thread has been making rounds on social media after the writer went into extreme detail about the concept of Pride Month.

Twitter user @lone_rides, whose profile says ‘no words of wisdom except touch grass,’ recently began the thread on Pride Month, which is currently sitting with thousands of views.

They started the thread by mentioning that Pride Month is coming to a close, then thanked ‘every person who made pride so toxic that only pedophiles will ever want to be involved again.’

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The user then jumps in by thanking Dylan for making people stop drinking ‘the piss water that is Bud Light.’

In the subsequent tweets, the user thanks every company and individual/group that has made pride month controversial, including Target, for showing the light on ‘how deeply involved corporatism is with the pushing of trans ideology onto little children.’

The user even went as far as to thank ‘the naked bikers in Seattle riding bikes adorned with rainbow flags’ since they revealed to the world that this was happening, adding that otherwise, ‘people would still think that it was just a myth.’

Going on with thanking controversial pride supporters, he thanked the ‘fat bald man in tighty-whities’ who started a controversy after he twerked in front of children at the pride parade in Seattle.

The user followed up by thanking the infamous ‘bondage dudes in thongs’ since ‘If it wasn’t for the bondage dudes in thongs, people might still think Pride is about who you are and not what you do in the bedroom.’

They continued, giving thanks to ‘furries’ since ‘If it wasn’t for the furries, people might still think that the Pride goers are normal people,’ following up that statement with a jab at failed Texas gubernatorial nominee Beto O’Rourke, saying ‘(PS – anyone heard from Beto lately? Don’t know why I thought of him just then).’

The user even decided to thank the mothers and fathers that took their kids to see the pride parade since if it weren’t for them, ‘people still might think that parents care about the well-being of children over being visibly virtuous.’

After calling out these parents, the user then decided to change his tune. Instead of thanking the people who made pride infamous, they thanked those who proved that the pride propaganda movement was evil, saying their contributions would not be forgotten.

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The user thanks the ‘outside of Pride Month’ helpers by saying, ‘If it wasn’t for school boards denying the books exist, people wouldn’t know that books like Gender Queer are placed in school libraries.’

They add to this by saying, ‘If it wasn’t for the reporters and government officials describing the book limiting as a “book ban, ” people might still think that the right-wing was blowing the reports out of context.’

The user then makes two more tweets, with one saying, ‘If it wasn’t for the reporter who said that kink was missing from “The Little Mermaid,” people still might think that they aren’t targeting children with sexual innuendo and ideas.’ The other tweet thanked ‘family friendly drag shows’ since ‘If it wasn’t for family friendly drag shows, people still might think that children wouldn’t be encouraged to put money into drag queens underwear like adults at a strip club.’

The user finishes off their spot on thread by saying the following.

If it wasn’t for the framing of anti-groomer, anti-pedophile, and anti-child sexual mutilation bills as “anti-LGBTQ legislation,” people still might think it’s not about pedophilia.

Thank you, people who framed the argument.

Your contribution will never be forgotten. – @lone_rides on Twitter.

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