Twitter User Destroys Concept Of Juneteenth In Thread

A Twitter thread about Juneteenth created by John Hayward (@Doc_0), who describes himself as a writer for Breitbart News and a conservative author and commentator, has recently gained traction.

The thread, which has received almost 50k views as of the writing of this article, starts with Hayward mentioning that the reason Juneteenth isn’t catching organically as a holiday is because of the holiday’s politicization, as well as the fact that it’s ‘not a celebration where all Americans are invited to join hands and rejoice in a great achievement.’

He then continues, explaining that modern culture commonly proclaims that there has been no victory against slavery or racism, with one of America’s supposed ‘founding sins’ being slavery, for which there is no forgiveness. He also explains in a follow-up tweet that the ‘hysterical racial grievance industry,’ along with the Democrat Party, are getting worse, adding on that we have to feel guilty and give in to endless demands for reparations, with him asking ‘what great victory does Juneteenth celebrate?’

The rest of our political culture loudly insists every day that no “victory” has been won against slavery or racism. We’re told they are the founding sins of America, for which there will never be atonement or forgiveness. We’re told “white supremacy” remains a systemic problem.

If anything, our hysterical racial grievance industry and the ruling Democrat Party say racism and white supremacy are getting WORSE. We’re all supposed to feel perpetually guilty and submissive to endless demands for reparations. So what great victory does Juneteenth celebrate? – @Doc_0 on Twitter.

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After asking the question, he then writes on, saying that you can’t expect to introduce this kind of holiday and have people react positively, especially since white people are demonized by saying that no one wants to join hands with them. After this tweet, he follows up with how ‘deranged’ identity politics are, including in the follow-up tweet that ‘Black Americans are told every day that sinister forces are stacking every deck against them.’

You can’t introduce a “holiday” like this into the context of pervasive grievance-mongering and identity politics and expect people to just say, “Sounds lovely, let’s join hands and celebrate!” Every OTHER day, white Americans are told nobody wants to join hands with them.

Our deranged identity politics industry is busy creating white-adjacent categories they can shove disobedient minority groups into – as though whiteness were a contagious disease. Black Americans are told every day that sinister forces are stacking every deck against them. – @Doc_0 on Twitter.

He then goes on with an analysis of the Democrat party, saying that ‘The Democrat Party is wholly dedicated to stoking racial grievances for political and financial gain,’ adding to this point by saying ‘the man in the White House is infamous for yelling “they’re gonna put y’all back in CHAINZZ” – so the new federal holiday is naturally viewed with skepticism. Context matters.’

He writes an additional tweet explaining how they only care about power and have done so since the George Floyd riots.

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He follows up by declaring the consequences of such actions from the left.

He then finishes off the thread with two tweets, the second to last tweet explaining what Americans genuinely know is happening as a result of the addition of extra holidays, and he dedicates the last tweet in the thread to what one needs to do if they want to create a new holiday for the country.


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