Twitter User Creates Pro-Pedophilia Flag, Banned by Musk Immediately

Elon Musk’s Twitter suspended Twitter user “ZeebDemon” after they posted a shocking tweet promoting “Youth Attracted Person(s),” otherwise known as “YAPs” or “MAPs,” accompanying it with a self-designed flag and well wishes for those who celebrate a pedophilic holiday called “Alice Day.”

“Alice Day” refers to Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll’s acquaintanceship with a young girl named Alice Liddell. It is a double entendre designed to conceal the pedophilic nature of the fringe holiday, with a famous 1920s actor bearing the same name and often being mixed with it on Google search inquiries.

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The user seemed proud to display the modern edge they had given to the pedophile apologist banner.

Though Musk has cleaned up much of Twitter – primarily by devoting resources to deleting and banning child pornography instead of persecuting political opposition – the site remains a hive for fringe groups, including a not-insignificant amount of pedophiles and pedophile apologists.

Another Twitter user calling themselves “Rin” posted a tweet celebrating Alice Day and providing a disturbing graphic implying pedophilic relationships are “valid.”

“Two days late, but happy Alice Day. Mutually wanted relationships are love and valid #AliceDay #BelieveChildren #Love”

The user believes that young children can consent to sexual relationships with adults under the guise of “love.”

Musk promptly suspended that account, too.

As expected, other pedophilic “pro-love” Twitter users with young girls as their profile pictures came to the defense of the banned pedophiles.

The users who supported the pedophiles touted a portfolio of violent and unsettling sexual fetishes ranging from animals to blood and gore.

The “All love is good” and “love is love” supporters even expressed a sexual interest in necrozoophilia – having sex with dead animals, adding that they fantasized about “finding roadkill” and stabbing it repetitively. The psychotic user even said they had a human murder kink and regularly fantasized about killing people.

Suffice it to say, the radical left on Twitter has a dark, dangerous, and psychotic fringe wing.

With the unprecedented spotlight now being shined on the extremist left, Musk has taken swift and decisive action against many accounts espousing the disgusting rhetoric and views. A wave of bans has eliminated many of the largest accounts in the radicalized community.

After the widely-publicized banning, the billionaire tech and space mogul would tweet, “Not tolerated on this platform.”

The mainstream media has been silent about the disgusting ideology and ideas put forward by the fanatic and predacious wing of the left.

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Across Twitter, normal people were revulsed at the disgusting attempts to normalize pedophilia and humanize sex predators with the “Minor/Youth Attracted Person.”

“So appropriate that language was voted to be removed from Minnesota statute protecting kids from pedophiles on “Happy Alice Day.” Imagine that. Be sure to wave the YAP flag. That is what it is called now, too? Waiting for that psyop,” ~ @KimberlyMunson5 on Twitter

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