Twitter Destroys Journalist On DeSantis Law And Order

A recent thread is making its rounds on Twitter after a journalist tried to ‘fact check’ others about the state of Florida during the summer of 2020, with many in the replies putting her claim(s) to rest instantly.

This all started when Ian Miles Cheong, a well-known conservative social media influencer, tweeted a video of DeSantis speaking at a campaign event in Iowa. During the speech in a church, DeSantis touted his law and order record. Cheong then took this clip and posted it with the caption, ‘I wanted to clip just a couple of minutes out of Ron DeSantis’ speech at Iowa, but it got too good. This is what leadership looks like.’

Heather Mullins, who, according to her Instagram, is an investigative reporter and an ‘ambassador for [Turning Point USA],’ decided to reply to the tweet claiming that there was no ‘law and order’ when she was in Florida during the 2020 riots.

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Reactions to this statement were swift and critical, with many people mentioning how DeSantis called out the guard to stop rioters and even went as far as to push legislation to make rioters face heavy criminal penalties for destroying the communities of innocent people.

One user even went as far as to post a screenshot from a news article describing the facts relating to this thread.

Many users went and compared other cities and the damage they faced compared to the cities in Florida, with many highlighting the fact that there was a situation in Jacksonville, Florida, where the potential for a severe riot started brewing, but DeSantis sent in the National Guard to disband the rioters.

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One user criticized her actual claim, stating that she did ‘a great job debunking the claim that there is zero crime in Florida.’ He then went on to ask, ‘Who made that claim?’

An interesting interaction occurred with one user questioning the legitimacy of her claim. The user asked the ‘investigative journalist,’

Didn’t he call up the National Guard very quickly, which prevented the ongoing destruction that other states saw? I mean, if you ” literally” covered that time, you should know that [eyeroll].

The ‘investigative journalist’ then replied to this accuser, saying the national guard was not there when she was at the scene.

The user then replied to that statement with the following:

[S]o you didn’t cover the whole story or follow up? You had no access to social media or other sources that showed his swift action?. Got it.

It is unclear if Mullins made any additional clarifications or retracted anything she said regarding this tweet.

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