Twitter Demolishes Alex Vindman’s COVID Lies – ‘Coward. Turncoat. Traitor. Vindman.’

After years of COVID tyranny, forced jabs, and ruined livelihoods, the Left is finally starting to face a reckoning. More Americans are joining calls to hold accountable those who locked down the country, and not least among them is Twitter owner Elon Musk. On Saturday, the tech mogul got into a spat with professional liar Alex Vindman, who falsely accused Musk of ‘misinformation.’ While Vindman might have gotten away with his comments under Twitter’s previous censorship regime, the former Security Council official got a roasting from the increasingly fed-up American people.

On Friday, journalist Tom Elliot shared a video on Twitter entitled volume 1 of a Covid Retrospective Series dedicated to keeping the memory of the Left’s tyranny alive. The three-and-a-half-minute-long clip included commentary from major media hosts and officials from early in the pandemic, many of whom called for Americans to either take the jab or be “shamed” and lose their jobs.

The video, which has been viewed more than 10 million times and received more than 50 million impressions, was shared by Musk the following day.

“Until the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s vaccination decree, he tried to demand that we fire all unvaccinated personnel,” Musk recalled, referring to the Americans who lost their jobs as “some of our finest people.”

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Following Musk’s tweet, Vindman quickly tried to gaslight the American public, baselessly calling the Twitter chief “Liar. Conspiracist. Conspirator.”

The corrupt former official was quickly taken to task in the comments.

One user named Ian McKelvey tore through Vindman’s lies, saying he was more interested in “clinging to the vaccination narrative” than serving the American people.

“This single tweet perfectly displays Vindman’s mode of operation,” McKelvey wrote.

“When confronted with irrefutable data, evidence, and video documentation, his response is to call someone a ‘liar.’ Why? Because his chosen NARRATIVE and BELIEFS are more important than the truth. Thus, his testimony against Trump.”

The commenter added,

“And if at this point you’re still clinging to the vaccination narrative that has been parroted and promoted by every politician and official who firmly falls under the spectrum of the political left, then you should immediately abandon all claims that you are (or ever were) impartial or non-partisan.”

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In response to Vindman, defense attorney David Wohl retorted, “Coward. Turncoat. Traitor. Vindman.”

Other commenters jumped on the dogpile, calling Vindman a “liar” who had listed off a “great description of [him]self.”

“I’m a doctor, and this was pretty accurate. Anyone unvaccinated was made to be unemployable,” another user responded. “We found loopholes around it.”

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