Tulsi Gabbard Goes Nuclear, Compares Biden and Dems to Hitler [VIDEO]

Former Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard criticized the Biden administration for selecting its cabinet and various federal government posts based on race and identity politics.

The Friday night interview on FOX News quickly went viral as she called the trend ‘sickening and alarming’ and analogized it to Nazism.

“Jesse, what we are seeing is their philosopher identity politics,” Gabbard said during an appearance on Friday night’s edition of Watters Primetime on Fox.

She then said that Democrats’ prioritization of identity politics was one of the reasons why she left the party, and said that they are not living up to the values of civil rights hero Martin Luther King.

“This is one of the reasons I left the Democratic Party. You see how their agenda of identity politics directly undermines the traditional democratic values that were expressed beautifully and clearly by Dr. Martin Luther King, that we should judge each other not based on the color of our skin but based on our character.”

“You look at the core values and core principles of Adolf Hitler and Nazism what is it based on? It’s based on genetics this philosophy of geneticism and discriminating based on their genes,” She further said.

Watters mostly agreed with Tulsi but distanced himself from her comments comparing Biden to Hitler, saying ‘I’m not sure about the German thing.’

The former Hawaii Congresswoman, who left the Democratic Party and is now an Independent, said that the radical identity politics of the Democratic Party also had strayed away from the ‘vision’ that the founding fathers had for the United States.

“When they are standing there, saying we are proud to be selecting people solely based on race, that is alarming to me on so many levels. You see them oh we we going to select someone based on their race, based on their gender, these immutable characteristics that we are born with, this goes against, again, the very vision our founders had for us,” Gabbard concluded.

Gabbard’s comparison was well-received by some on social media, while others said she went too far by comparing Biden to the Nazis.

Others agreed with Gabbard, with one prominent conservative social media personality saying that people have been ‘brainwashed’ in to thinking that discrimination based on skin color is okay.

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The Biden administration has previously made it clear that diversity is vital to who they select for crucial government posts.

When asked who Biden would nominate as the new Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that diversity would be a ‘really important’ factor.

“When it comes to diversity, you’ve heard this from the president, you’ve heard this from me, you’ve heard this from many of us here, diversity and representation is really important to this president.”

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