Tucker Show Going to Twitter, Musk Responds, Lawyers Up Against Fox

Ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson has announced plans to relaunch his show on Twitter, setting the stage for a battle with his old employer and prompting a response from Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Last month, Carlson was fired under abrupt and controversial circumstances, with the network stating enigmatically that the two parties had “agreed to part ways.” Now, Carlson is back, revealing his plans in a video Tuesday afternoon that has been viewed nearly 80 million times.

“Starting soon, we’ll be bringing a new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six and a half years to Twitter,” Carlson said in his announcement video titled “We’re back.”

“We’ll bring some other things too, which we’ll tell you about, but for now, we’re just grateful to be here.”

In the three-minute-long video, the former top cable host offered a blistering attack against the mainstream media. While not mentioning them by name, he even landed a few jabs against his former employer.

“At the most basic level, the news you consume is a lie, a lie of the stealthiest and most insidious kind. Facts have been withheld on purpose along with proportion and perspective. You are being manipulated.

How does that work? Let’s see. If I tell you that a man has been unjustly arrested for armed robbery, that is not strictly speaking a lie. He may have been framed. At this point, there’s been no trial, so no one can really say, but if I don’t mention the fact that the same man has been arrested for the same crime six times before, am I really informing you?

No, I’m not. I’m misleading you, and that’s what the news media are doing in every story that matters, every day of the week, every week of the year.”

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“What’s it like to work in a system like that? After more than 30 years in the middle of it, we could tell you stories,” Carlson said.

“The best you can hope for in the news business at this point is the freedom to tell the fullest truth that you can. But there are always limits, and you know that if you bump up against those limits often enough, you will be fired for it. That’s not a guess. It’s guaranteed.”

Carlson appeared to reference his ousting from Fox News, which came suddenly last month following the network’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. According to a report by Axios, Carlson’s lawyers currently allege that the host was fired as part of the settlement, although Dominion’s lawyers dispute this.

While Carlson is currently held to a noncompete contract with his former employer, his legal team has accused the network of breaching the terms of the agreement by leaking his private messages to the media and using them “to take any adverse employment action against him.” The network is also accused of breaking promises not to settle with Dominion “in a way which would indicate wrongdoing” on the part of Carlson.

Carlson’s contract with Fox News is set to expire in January 2025.

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“Amazingly, as of tonight, there aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one remaining in the world, the only one, is Twitter—where we are now,” Carlson said in his video. The show host praised the social media network, calling it “where our national conversation incubates and develops.” Speculation over a possible deal between Carlson and Twitter led the platform’s CEO, Elon Musk, to respond directly and emphasize the interactive nature of his website,

“On this platform, unlike the one-way street of broadcast, people are able to interact, critique and refute whatever is said… I also want to be clear that we have not signed a deal of any kind whatsoever. Tucker is subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators… I hope that many others, particularly from the left, also choose to be content creators on this platform.”

Several news media groups have tried to woo Carlson since his ouster at Fox, including Newsmax, The Blaze, and Valuetainment, with some offers as high as $100 million.

Carlson did not say when he plans to launch his new show on Twitter, but signed off on his video with: “See you soon.”

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