TSA Finds Gun Stuffed Inside Raw Chicken

Transportation Security Administration Screeners at Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport discovered a big surprise while conducting a luggage inspection. A raw chicken was discovered stuffed with a gun inside checked baggage. 

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The Transportation Screening Administration posted photographs of the firearm and it’s poultry holster on its official Instagram account.

According to the TSA, fresh meat, seafood, and other non-liquid food items are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags, as long as they are packed in ice. Unloaded firearms are allowed to be transported in checked bags, but they must be declared at the ticket counter and packed in a locked hard-sided container. I will add to this that ammunition must be in a separate ammunition box and also placed in a separate locked piece of baggage.

I was assigned to an airport division and saw many strange, and/or illegal things in passenger luggage both checked and carry on. A chicken stuffed with a handgun is a new one, but not surprising. I have encountered firearms at the security checkpoints more times than I care to remember. Most were people who forgot a weapon was in the bag, including a TSA agent who had just left the shooting range prior to his shift and still had the pistol in his backpack.

In this case, it appears the passenger took some time in an attempt to conceal the firearm. The pistol is a semi-automatic with a mounted micro-red dot sight, completely wrapped in tape, then placed back inside the original package, put into a plastic grocery bag and then in a foil lined cool bag.

This shows me intent to conceal the weapon and the person should be arrested. Then again, they could just be an imbecile. The suspect may still be arrested or heavily fined, or both.

The TSA did not post the identity of the bag owner or whether an arrest was made in the case.

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