Truth Social Files Huge Defamation Lawsuit Against Washington Post

A defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post was filed by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of the Truth Social platform.

The lawsuit, which is seeking $3.78 billion in damages, was filed Saturday night in Sarasota County, Florida, and accuses the far-left news organization of publishing false and defamatory statements about the Truth Social platform, its CEO, Devin Nunes, and former President Trump, damaging its reputation and causing significant financial harm.

Under the complaint section, the lawsuit lays out its allegations against the Washington Post by saying:

On May 13, 2023, WaPo, acting in concert with a former employee of [Trump Media and Technology Group] who was terminated for cause, published an egregious hit piece that falsely accused TMTG of securities fraud and other wrongdoing. WaPo’s false criminal charges exposed TMTG to public ridicule, contempt and distrust, and injured TMTG’s business and reputation.

The lawsuit then continues with its second complaint by saying:

WaPo has been on a years-long crusade against TMTG characterized by the concealment of relevant information in its possession—a bitterly ironic truth for a publication whose motto is ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’. WaPo’s latest defamation creates an existential threat for TMTG, causing enormous loss. TMTG brings this case to recover special damages to its business and good will, actual injury to its name and reputation, and punitive damages for WaPo’s gross misconduct.

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The article in question, which reportedly obtained information from Will Wilkerson, a former employee of TMTG, was also the source of the Guardian’s false and defamatory “money laundering” story.

The defamatory news article posted by the Washington Post back on May 13th, 2023, was published with the title ‘Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump’s Truth Social‘ and, according to the lawsuit, made the following false allegations:

  • ‘An obscure financial entity … would gain a sizable stake in former
    president Donald Trump’s media company if its merger deal proceeds’;
  • ‘[T]he role ES Family Trust would assume in Trump Media and
    Technology Group has never been officially disclosed to the Securities
    and Exchange Commission [“SEC”] or to shareholders in Digital World
    Acquisition [“DWAC”], the special purpose acquisition company, or
    SPAC, that has proposed merging with Trump’s company”;
  • ‘The companies also have not disclosed to shareholders or the SEC that
    Trump Media paid a $240,000 finder’s fee for helping to arrange the $8
    million loan deal with ES Family Trust”;
  • ‘the recipient of that fee was an outside brokerage associated with Patrick
    Orlando, then Digital World’s CEO”;
  • ‘Orlando’s finder’s fee could affect the value of the shares”;
  • ‘Trump’s media company took out an $8 million loan in exchange for
    stock, but no one told the SEC’
  • ‘A Russian banker connected to the porn industry could have gained a
    stake in Trump’s Truth Social according to documents’;
  • The Guardian reported in March that federal prosecutors in New York have been investigating whether the Trump Media loans violated money laundering statutes’.

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Reactions on Twitter have been strong, with people giving remarks supporting Trump’s Truth Social.

The Washington Post has not made any official statement regarding this lawsuit.

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