Trump Vows ‘Final Battle’ in Epic Speech: ‘With You at My Side, We Will Demolish the Deep State’

Former President Donald Trump campaigned in New Hampshire Tuesday and solemnly promised to “demolish the deep state” if re-elected to the White House next year. While speaking at the Federation of Republican Women Lilac Luncheon, Trump spoke to attendees about America’s decline, saying he does not believe it can “survive another four years.” However, the GOP frontrunner offered optimism to the crowd, promising to work with voters to “expel the sick, crazy warmongers” from the government.

“The USA is a mess. Our economy is crashing. Inflation is out of control. China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea have formed together as a menacing and destructive coalition. Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world standard. The way it’s going, we’re going to lose,” Trump said at the Tuesday event, warning about the country’s weakening position on the global stage.

“Our currency is the world standard, which will be the single greatest defeat for this country in 200 years. That will be catastrophe. It won’t happen with me. Not even a chance. Just like Russia would never have invaded Ukraine, and China would not have even thought about Taiwan. As I said, if you took the five worst presidents in the history of the United States and added them up, they would have never done the destruction to our country as Crooked Joe Biden and the Biden administration have done… I think surviving for another year is very tough. It’s going so bad so fast.”

“It’s totally crazy what’s going on,” Trump added. “Our country has such a chance and such an opportunity. I don’t believe it can survive another four years.”

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However, the former President still exhibited optimism, telling audience members, “This is the final battle.”

“This is really the final battle. With you at my side we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the sick, crazy warmongers — they are warmongers — from our government.”

“And by the way,” Trump continued. “Peace through strength.”

Trump also attacked the Biden administration’s foreign policy, saying that the White House was recklessly risking a third-world war by allowing the conflict in Ukraine to spiral.

“Don’t forget, I built the greatest military in the world. New jets. New everything. Everything was great. Then they gave 85 billion of it away. But even that’s peanuts compared to what we did. I gave Ukraine the anti tank missiles that they shot called Javelins. Obama gave them sheets.

I was the one that said about Russia, you’re not going to build the pipeline. I stopped the pipeline. When Biden came in, he came in and he said, yes, they can build the pipeline going to Germany and all parts of Europe. And nobody was tougher on Russia [than me]. Nobody was tougher on China. And yet I got along with them. And that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.”

“But we wouldn’t have had a world war,” Trump added. “And we wouldn’t have had these other wars, and we wouldn’t have had the conflict. And we could very well end up in a world war. And this would be a nuclear war.”

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