Trump Taunts ‘Imposter’ Nikki Haley for NH Loss Despite Democrat Support

Donald Trump took a victory lap Tuesday night after beating rival Nikki Haley by double digits in the New Hampshire primary. In a speech to his supporters, the former President slammed Haley as an “imposter” who falsely claimed victory.

“We beat her so badly,” Trump said, eliciting cheers from the audience. “Ron beat her also. He came in second, and he left. She came in third, and she’s still hanging around.”

“In life you can’t let people get away with bulls–t. You just can’t do that. When I watched her, the fancy dress, it probably wasn’t so I said, what is she doing? We won.”

While Haley outperformed expectations, the former U.N. Ambassador failed to overcome the odds, netting just nine electoral delegates compared to Trump’s 12. Supporters of the former President chanted “birdbrain” as he spoke–Trump’s favorite nickname for Haley.

“This is not your typical victory speech, but let’s not have somebody take a victory when she had a very bad night. She had a very bad night,”

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Trump also railed against New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu for what he said was a mismanaged GOP primary.

“You have a governor who frankly doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing in this state,” Trump said. “In the Republican primary, they accept Democrats too.”

“They’re only voting because they want me to look as bad as possible, because, if you remember, we won in 2016, and if you really remember and you want to play it straight, we also won in 2020.”

According to a report by Steve Kornacki of MSNBC, less than half of all New Hampshire primary voters identified as Republican at 47 percent. Additionally, a record number of Republican primary voters identified as Democrats at 8 percent. Independents, whom Haley won, were clocked at 45 percent of the total vote.

Florida Jolt’s Tracy Caruso previously reported that the results of the Iowa Caucus had also been skewed by Democrats registering Republican before voting. An estimated 10,000 Democrats participated in the Iowa Caucuses, giving Haley a significant boost.

“I said, I can go up and say to everybody, thank you for the victory, it’s wonderful, or I can go up and say, who the hell was the imposter that went up on the stage before and, like, claimed a victory? Trump continued. “She did very poorly, actually. She had to win. The governor said she’s going to win, then she failed badly.”

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Despite pressure from the Trump camp to withdraw from the primary, a spokesman for Haley said Tuesday that the campaign is doubling down and preparing for the long haul. “The political class and the media want to give Donald Trump a coronation. They say the race is over. They want to throw up their hands, after only 110,000 people have voted in a caucus in Iowa, and say, well, I guess it’s Trump,” Haley’s campaign said just hours after New Hampshire polls closed.

“And while members of Congress, the press, and many of the weak-kneed fellas who ran for president are giving up and giving in — we aren’t going anywhere.”

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