Trump Roasts ‘Sloppy’ Chris Christie for Coming ‘LAST’ in GOP Debate

Former President Donald Trump roasted former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over his performance at the fourth GOP debate this week.

In multiple Truth Social posts on Friday, Trump mocked his opponent’s floundering poll numbers and accused him of being both mentally and physically unfit to run for President.

“Sloppy Chris Christie is not fit to run for President. He is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social account. “According to all, he came in LAST in the debate, and I came in FIRST, as I have in all of the debates, without even being there. MAGA!”

In a follow-up post hours later attacking the entire GOP field, Trump continued to shred Christie,

“He’s not fit, mentally or physically, to be President plus, he suffers from TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome, at levels not seen before. In other words, he is a ‘sick puppy.’ On top of it all, his poll numbers are just 1%, in a class with ‘Aida’ Hutchinson. He’s dead,”

According to RealClearPolitics, Christie is polling less than 3 points nationally in the GOP primary, compared to frontrunner Trump at more than 61 points.

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The former President’s comments follow a heated exchange between Christie and Governor Ron DeSantis about Trump at Wednesday’s GOP debate.

“There’s no mystery to what he wants to do. He started his campaign by saying, ‘I am your retribution.’ Eight years ago, he said, ‘I am your voice,'” Christie said about Trump.

“This is an angry, bitter man who now wants to be back as president because he wants to exact retribution on anyone who has disagreed with him, anyone who’s tried to hold him to account for his own conduct, and every one of these policies that he’s talking about are about pursuing a plan of retribution,” Christie argued.

‘The Hill’ reported that Friday was not the first time that Trump went after Christie for his debate performance. In September, Trump referred to the ex-Governor as a “bum” in a Truth Social post.

“Chris Christie is talking about the job he did as Governor. He had a 9% approval rating. N.J. wanted to throw the ‘bum’ out,”

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During this week’s debate, another clip of Christie also went viral when he appeared to berate moderator Megyn Kelly during a commercial break. Kelly later confirmed on her SiriusXM show that Christie was upset over not getting enough speaking time during the event’s first half.

“There was also such a speculation about what was happening there. I will tell you what was happening there. It was not off the record. He was pissed off. He was mad that he wasn’t getting enough questions,” Kelly said. “And he said, ‘I made it up in this stage and I haven’t been able to speak in a while and you know I should’ve been brought in on that last debate.'”

“He’s polling at 2%, OK? In no debate ever — I’ve now done six of them — have we given as many questions to the guy who’s at 3% as the person who’s in the lead at least amongst the candidates on the stage,” Kelly continued. “I’m sorry Gov. Christie, that’s the way it is.”

Christie ultimately received the least speaking time of any candidate at 16 minutes–roughly 30 seconds fewer than former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

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