Trump Promises to ‘Handle’ Ron DeSantis If He Runs For President

Former President Donald Trump said this week that he will “handle” Ron DeSantis if the Florida Governor challenges him for the 2024 GOP nomination. In a viral interview with David Brody of the Water Cooler Podcast, Trump again took credit for DeSantis’ 2018 victory and suggested there wouldn’t be a serious contest in the GOP presidential primaries.

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Trump did not elaborate on how he planned to deal with DeSantis, but it is clear that the Florida Governor is in his crosshairs. Trump first coined the nickname “Ron Desanctimonous” just days before the 2022 midterms and has since stepped up his attacks.

Trump’s camp has rallied around the former president, launching a volley of their own criticisms.

DeSantis has consistently remained silent on the attacks against him, insisting that his focus is solely on the state of Florida. Still, his 2024 prospects remain unclear. Before his landslide victory last November, DeSantis was questioned on the debate stage about whether he intended to run for president. He made no commitments.

Polling between the two republicans has narrowed to a dead heat. A recent national poll by the University of Massachusetts Amherst shows DeSantis beating Trump 51-49% in a one-on-one matchup – well within the margin of error. Last December, Vanderbilt University polling showed DeSantis beating Trump 54-41%. Shortly after, McLaughlin & Associates released a separate poll, showing Trump winning 58-36%.

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Without a clear frontrunner, and despite silence from DeSantis, the two halves of the republican party are making their case for the 2024 nominee.

DeSantis is best known nationally for his willingness to engage in culture war issues. His ongoing battles against woke ideology in the classrooms and corporate boardrooms have earned him high praise from republicans nationwide.

If he retakes the White House, Trump has vowed to wage an aggressive campaign against government bureaucracy, big tech, the media, and universities. Last month, he unveiled a comprehensive and ambitious plan to reform the federal government and end tech companies’ suppression of free speech. Former White House official Darren Beattie called it “one of the most powerful, informed, and serious statements on the critical issue of Big Tech censorship ever given by an elected official.”

While a Trump-Desantis matchup has yet to manifest in reality, the country is still watching with bated breath. If DeSantis does issue a challenge to the former president, he would likely do so after the end of Florida’s legislative session in May.

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