Trump Launches Scathing Attack on ‘Biden Crime Family’

Former President Donald Trump launched a ruthless attack on President Biden and his son Hunter following the recent exposure of texts that affirm allegations of bribery and “influence peddling.”

The 45th president said Biden was under the control of Chinese President Xi owing to his son’s alleged criminal communications with a Chinese businessman and business ties to corporations owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

“Biden will do about Russia whatever President Xi of China wants him to do. Remember, Hunter & Joe illegally took large amounts of money from both countries, but China right now is the bigger threat. China & Russia, until Biden came along, have always been natural enemies, with China wanting large portions of largely unpopulated Russian land to have for their much larger population. This is China’s heretofore unthinkable opportunity, much bigger than Taiwan, which to President Xi, can wait!” ~President Trump on Truth Social

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President Trump, perhaps remembering when then-candidate Joe Biden called him a “puppet” of China on the debate stage, has been railing against the Biden administration in the wake of the new evidence. Speaking to the conservative political advocacy group “Faith and Freedom Coalition,” Trump read the alleged text and called Biden the “most corrupt President in American history.”

The president continued his remarks on Truth Social, arguing that the mainstream media has ignored the corruption and that Biden has intentionally allowed the propagation of Chinese influence in the Western hemisphere.

“Many say that it’s 100 times bigger than Watergate, and yet the Mainstream Media doesn’t even report the fact that Joe Biden has illegally taken millions and millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, and many other countries. Is that why Biden is allowing China to build MILITARY FACILITIES in Cuba, why hundreds of billions of dollars are given, without any control, to Ukraine, or why we allow the Cartels to totally run our horrendous OPEN BORDER? We are a corrupt Country with a corrupt Media!”

While the breadth of the Biden family’s involvement with China is still unknown, current House Republican efforts have already exposed troves of information that reveal the president as a liar and possibly a criminal worthy of impeachment. Whistleblower testimony and FBI documents painstakingly acquired by House Republicans have shone a light on a possible five million dollar bribe involving the president.

So far, the press secretary and White House spokesman have avoided any questions regarding the evidence, with the latter even leaving a press briefing prematurely upon a reporter inquiring about Hunter Biden’s texts.

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Commenters on Twitter have shown staunch support for Trump and demanded further investigation into the corruption allegations.

“The important question is, WHAT did Hunter and Joe deliver to the Chinese to earn these payments ? The demand for payment sounds like there is money due to them for services rendered?” ~@CAMallory2 on Twitter

Detractors pointed to President Trump’s refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton’s corruption allegations following his 2016 victory, before which point then-candidate Trump had promised to “lock her up.” Suggesting that Trump would lose the election and thus be unable to prosecute Biden, one Twitter user called on Trump to drop out of the race and endorse Ron DeSantis.

“If Trump was serious about beating Biden he would drop out and back DeSantis! Trump has zero chance at winning the general election!” ~@WillOfortune11

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