Trump/Kennedy 2024? One Top Conservative Operative Thinks it Would be Great

One of former President Donald Trump’s top advisors, Steve Bannon, floated an interesting idea for Trump’s running mate in 2024.

While the top candidates currently being considered are all women, according to Axios, Bannon suggested picking Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his Vice Presidential candidate.

As if the idea of Trump running with a Kennedy on his ticket isn’t interesting enough, Robert Kennedy Jr. is also a registered Democrat challenging Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination.

“Someone asked about Robert F. Kennedy and the great speech at Hillsdale (a college in Michigan where Kennedy spoke last month during a seminar attacking ‘Big Pharma’) and what did I think about his prospects,” Bannon said during his War Room podcast.

“If she’s [Kari Lake] not available to be Trump’s VP, Bobby Kennedy would be an excellent choice for Trump to consider,” Bannon said, adding that his suggestion to make Kennedy Trump’s Vice President received a standing ovation.

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Kennedy announced his bid for the Democratic nomination last Wednesday, saying he was running to unify the country.

“The problem is a system that no longer serves the people and a people who are so divided and so fearful that they are easily ruled,” Kennedy said in his campaign announcement video. “It’s time to unlearn the reflexes of fear and blame and find ways to unify ourselves and turn our country around.”

One political commentator cast doubt on the idea that Kennedy would run alongside Trump, saying he is associated with ‘far-right’ figures before casting doubt on his Democratic bonafides.

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“Robert Kennedy’s anti-vax beliefs have long been associated with far-right figures, therefore maybe negating the thought of Steve Bannon’s suggestion that Kennedy Jr. becomes a GOP running mate in 2024,” Jay Oliver, a radio news host on LI News Radio, told Newsweek. “Let’s not forget a now-deleted Instagram photo obtained by CBS showing Kennedy backstage at a 2021 ReAwaken event with former President Donald Trump’s ally Roger Stone, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and anti-vaccine profiteer Charlene Bollinger.”

Oliver added: “He’s also appeared on Fox News spewing his conspiracy theories. RFK Jr. apparently has the notion to disassociate and try and unite, rather than divide.”

While Kennedy has spent most of his life advocating for left-wing causes such as environmentalism, he recently attracted a following from the right due to his skepticism of vaccines and vaccine mandates.

Bannon “is just trying to stir the pot” by floating the idea of Kennedy Jr. and Trump on the same ticket, said Patricia Crouse, a practitioner of political science in residence at the University of New Haven.

“It makes for interesting news, but [Kennedy Jr.] has zero chance of winning the nomination. Some Democrats may appreciate his environmental views, but the majority of his other political positions are too extreme for Democrats or even independents,” She further said.

While Kennedy could attract some buzz with his name, Crouse said that many of his family members have publicly opposed his views.

“Although he has the Kennedy name, I don’t think this will help him—especially considering many in his family have openly opposed his views, specifically his anti-vaccination views. He is not a JFK, RFK, or even an Edward Kennedy (their brother, the late Massachusetts senator). Voters will be able to make that distinction once he starts campaigning. The Kennedy Legacy will not help him.”

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