Trump Does Not Rule Out Haley as VP, DeSantis Pushes For Answers

Governor Ron DeSantis is pressing former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on whether she would accept a vice presidential nomination from Donald Trump, as rumors swirl that the former President may be considering her for his ticket. DeSantis made his comments at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Friday.

“If everyone else got out, but me and Trump, all these other candidates, I would get that support because they’d see that I’m the only one that can beat him,” DeSantis told his supporters.

“There’s a reason why they spend money against me, Haley and Trump spend money against me. He has not spent any money against her. And she has not spent any money against him. She will not answer directly, and she owes you an answer to this, will she accept a vice presidential nomination from Donald Trump? Yes or no?”

DeSantis later remarked that he would not accept a V.P. nomination from Trump under “any circumstance.”

Negative ad expenditures targeting DeSantis in the GOP primary topped more than $30 million this week, according to data published by consultant Rob Pyers. More money has been spent advertising against DeSantis than against Haley and Trump combined.

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Rumors have swirled this week that Trump may consider Haley a running mate should he win the GOP Presidential nomination next year. On Monday, the former President’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump ignited speculation when she told Newsmax’s Eric Bolling that “crazier things have happened.”

“Would he ever pick Nikki Haley?” Bolling asked.

“Crazier things have happened. I don’t know. I would never say never with Donald J. Trump. Never say never,” Lara Trump replied.

Further fuel was added to the rumors when Trump refused to rule out the possibility of a Vice President Haley. During a Howie Carr Show Friday appearance, Trump said it was “unlikely” that he would offer the job but found the possibility “interesting.” He told Carr that he wasn’t “even thinking about that” before adding, “I’ve always gotten along with Nikki.”

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If Trump were to select Haley as a future running mate, it would place him at odds with his support base, including his son. During an interview this week, Donald Trump Jr. said he would go “to great lengths” to ensure Haley does not join his father’s ticket.

“She’s a puppet of the establishment in Washington D.C.,” Trump Jr. said. “She’s the new favored candidate of the billionaire class because they want control.”

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene went as far as to predict a MAGA “revolt” if Haley were to join a Trump administration.

“She represents the neocon establishment America last wing of the Republican Party that we are absolutely done with. Also, she lied and said she would not run against Trump.”

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz agreed, replying to Greene’s comments on X with a simple “correct.”

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