Trump Calls to ‘Ban the Antisemites’ from Universities After Pro-Hamas Rallies

5Former President Donald Trump on Saturday slammed U.S. universities for hosting widespread pro-Hamas demonstrations following the deadly terror attack against Israel. More than 1,300 Israelis were killed by the Palestinian militant group last week, resulting in celebrations from student activists around the country.

While staff and administrators twiddle their thumbs over how to respond to the outpouring of support for Hamas, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump offered a simple solution: ban the antisemites from American schools.

“What happened in Israel was barbaric!” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post.

“Now American Universities are allowing or enabling the open hatred against Israel and America! Instead of educating our young Americans, Deans stand idly by while subversive groups are calling for a National Day of Resistance. Not only is this antisemitic, it is also anti-American.”

Since the attack on October 7, student groups at some of America’s top universities have staged protests and issued statements cheering on Hamas as “freedom fighters.” Ivy League schools Harvard, Yale, and Columbia–as well as Trump’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania–have seen students rally behind the terror group.

“Students have begged Deans to throw these subversive groups off campus. We banned Nazis, banned Communists, it is about time that we remove these antisemites from our schools or is the Cancel Culture only used against Conservatives?”

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Others have echoed similar calls for a response in light of the demonstrations, including major donors at several affected universities.

According to a report by ‘The Post Millennial,’ donors have begun withdrawing their funds from multiple schools and refusing to commit further contributions. At least one major Israeli donor at Harvard pulled his support last week and resigned from the school’s board after it failed to address a controversial pro-Hamas letter signed by dozens of student groups.

The joint letter referred to Israel as an “apartheid regime” and said it was “the only one to blame” for the violence.

The paper also reported that students at the University of Washington chanted “no peace on stolen land” and “there is only one solution, intifada revolution” while waving Palestinian flags. Students at George Mason reportedly denied that any atrocities had been committed by the terror group and continued to cheer in support of Palestine.

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Writer and New College of Florida trustee Chris Rufo also condemned the protests on Saturday and urged conservatives to start ‘connecting the dots’ between the violent pro-Hamas rhetoric and the Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialist, and “decolonization” movements.

“Conservatives need to create a strong association between Hamas, BLM, DSA, and academic “decolonization” in the public mind,” Rufo wrote on the social media platform X. “Connect the dots, then attack, delegitimize, and discredit. Make the center-left disavow them. Make them political untouchables.”

Manhattan Institute fellow Dr. Colin Wright agreed, replying to Rufo,

“Yes, they are all intimately intertwined. Throw in ‘land acknowledgements’ as well. This practice is essentially saying, ‘I acknowledge my colonizer status and therefore deserve to be slaughtered.'”

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