Trump: ‘Biden’s weakness has led the planet to the edge of nuclear war’

Former President Donald Trump says he is the only candidate who can pull the country back from the brink of World War III, as the current administration proves unable to halt rising tensions across the globe. During a rally Wednesday in Freeland, Michigan, Trump criticized President Biden for failing to contain the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, asserting that the United States is in “decline.”

Trump delivered his remarks shortly after departing from his ongoing trial in New York City. Spending his day off from the courtroom on the campaign trail, Trump told rallygoers he would restore global peace if elected to a second term in the White House.

“Biden’s weakness has led the planet to the edge of nuclear war,” Trump said. “I will bring the world glorious new peace, and I will make the following statement…”

“I am the only that can say this, I believe — I know them all, and they respect me; they don’t respect our country anymore, it’s a country that’s in decline, but they respect me, and we’re gonna have it back real soon. We’re gonna have a great country real soon. But I’ll say this: I will prevent World War III. I’m the only one that’s going to do it,”

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During another Wednesday rally in Wisconsin, Trump also criticized Biden for his silence on the pro-Hamas demonstrations currently disrupting campuses. “Biden’s nowhere to be found,” Trump told the crowd. “He hasn’t said anything, but they’re his political base.”

Since mid-April, numerous universities have been subject to chaotic and even violent protests as agitators demand a total boycott and divestment from Israel. In Florida alone, nearly two dozen protesters have been arrested in the past week after clashing with police.

“The radical extremists and far-left agitators are terrorizing college campuses,” Trump said, adding that many of the protesters “aren’t even students, and many of them come from foreign countries.”

“To every college president, I say remove the encampments immediately, vanquish the radicals, and take back our campuses for all of the normal students who want a safe place from which to learn,”

Dozens of protesters were also arrested at Columbia University after police attempted to dismantle an encampment. Most of those arrested were not students at the university. Trump commended the New York Police Department for their actions, calling them “New York’s finest.”

“New York was under siege last night. The police came in, and in exactly two hours, everything was over. It was a beautiful thing to watch.”

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If elected to a second term, Trump also says he will ramp up the country’s defenses, implementing an “Iron Dome” program similar to the one that shields Israel. “It’s a very precarious position, but I will prevent World War III, and we will have peace through strength — that’s where we’re going to have. In my next term, we will build a great Iron Dome very much like Israel has, but even better,” he said.

“I’m saying, ‘Why don’t we have that? We should have that too… We have a lot of hostile people out there. We have a lot of bad actors out there. We’re going to build the greatest dome of them all.”

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