Trans White House Flasher Condemned By LGBTQ – ‘Should Be Registered As Sex Offender’

The LGBTQ community is in shambles after they started to attack the trans activist who flashed the camera at the White House.

Rose Montoya, a self-described ‘Latine, bisexual, nonbinary transgender woman,’ was caught on video flashing a camera at a White House event celebrating Pride Month and banned from the White House for the inappropriate stunt. After the infamous event, the transgender then released a response video, with him trying to justify his antics by stating ‘Why is my chest now deemed inappropriate or illegal when I show it off? However, before coming out as trans, it was not,’ making the ban seem like an act of discrimination.

After the controversy finished brewing, the man then issued another apology, to which the trans person still had no remorse, claiming in the second apology that “My little moment of trans joy [was] weaponized by vile people.”

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Many people within the LGBTQ community responded with disapproval, with many of them identifying as trans themselves. Most of them wrote comments under Rose’s older Instagram posts, writing in length about the damage this stunt was to ‘all trans people.’

One user who goes by the name @pocho_makana and identifies as a transgender woman had this to say:

As a fellow transgender woman, I cannot help but express concern regarding your decision to bare your breasts at the White House. It is indeed an inappropriate act, even more so considering the amount of discrimination we face. No man, irrespective of their gender identity, would engage in such an act. By choosing to do so, it harms our community and reinforces the negative stereotype that we cannot act appropriately. This plays right into the hands of right-wing narratives, and I believe you missed an opportunity to create positive change instead. As such, I am appalled by your actions and hope that this incident serves as a reminder for the importance of making responsible decisions that uplift our community.

A trans activist who goes by the Instagram handle @reg.per.27 had this to say to the disgraced transgender woman.

Respectfully, the shit you pulled at the White House set the trans community back so much. That was a family friendly event, and I’m pretty sure you knew that. Exposing your t1ts was not appropriate. Conservatives have been demonizing trans people enough already and they’re going to continue doing so, especially after this.

On top of all the disapproved comments from trans activists, there were many comments from individuals who did not single themselves out as trans activists who were just as disapproved. One user who goes by the handle @kyle_calvin21 had this to say:

No amount of physical change can change gross character.

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Another user named @_deejay101 had this to say:

You literally just single handedly ruined ANY chance of trans people being accepted in this country with your outrageous, simple minded stunt. There’s no defending or protecting this. Sorry but trans people are on their own now [peace sign].

One user went as far as to write a comment saying ‘f— your apology.’

Fuck your apology. Should’ve thought about that before acting ON IMPLUSE. You are NOT a role model that should be followed IN ANY WAY.


It is unclear if the trans community will be able to move forward in their activism after the man’s heinous act on the White House lawn.

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