Trad Wives Are a Hot Topic, But They’ve Been Around Forever

Trad Wives and the Trad family are a growing and sometimes vocal movement, and they don’t care what the media or the left thinks about them.

In our politically divided world, where some say gender is a “social construct,” Biological men are taking first place in women’s sports and then hanging out in female locker rooms, showing off their trophies. They claim that they, too, can give birth to children.

Many are rejecting this new world where biological women are being told they don’t count. A rebellion is taking place, and it resembles classic TV shows like “Donna Reed” and “Leave It to Beaver.” Welcome to the resurgence of the traditional housewife, now known as the Trad Wife. 

Trad Wives are a rebellion against alternative lifestyles. Trad Wife Life is more than an aesthetic. It’s a movement.

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Mentions of Trad Wives go back at least five years, but the movement has grown stronger and has become more politicized. The gist is that the Bud Lighting of America is being rejected, and millennials and Gen Zers are looking for something traditional that many did not experience when they were young. Divorce is common now, and single-parent households aren’t unusual. What’s happened is that a new generation is looking at what they see as the destruction of the nuclear family structure. The new ways are not working, and they’re not buying into them.

The caption of this photo is a 1950s vintage photo of a happy, smiling couple. Trad wives would say this is a picture of an ordinary couple living their best lives.

In a column for Father’s Day, the wife of Florida Jolt’s owner, Emerald Lisa Furnari, wrote.

Last week when a tropical storm was heading to South Florida, it reminded me why I never worry about potential disasters. The simple fact is that there is a father and husband in my home, and a father can handle emergencies best.

My son tells a funny story about Hurricane Frances when our power went out, and my husband, Jack, stayed on the front porch in a vintage WWll helmet, chain-smoking and guarding the house throughout the night.

Good men do this well.

They stand in the way of danger to protect their family.

Thank you, fathers everywhere who work two jobs, drive trucks, install roofs, fix plumbing, serve in the military, who stop the bad guys, and who run into burning buildings.

Our society will never thrive without you; we need masculine energy more than ever.

Hug your father and hold him close. There may be some tough times ahead for our country.

~Emerald Lisa Furnari

Some see the Trad Life as a right-wing movement that is somehow bigoted and racist when the truth is that a group of people are just seeking a lifestyle that, until not all that long ago, was seen as the only way to live. They’re saying that was better and want it for themselves. The structure looks like this: one man married to one woman with 2.5 children. The man is the breadwinner. The woman takes care of the home, cooking, cleaning, and being the children’s primary caregiver. It also includes religion. 

A child imagining what his life would be like as a traditional male adult. Trad Wives reject the idea of toxic masculinity and embrace conventional gender roles.

According to a CNN article,

In longing for the culture of 1950s domesticity, these women are responding to our current political moment. While the early 2010s encouraged women to do more and work harder, critics characterized it as elitist and out of touch. By the time the pandemic hit, women were up against an “always-on” work culture, stagnating wages, and an eroded social safety net – with a now worsening caregiving crisis. In a society where women already shoulder the majority of unpaid domestic work, staying home to focus on the household full-time might be preferable – though also a privileged choice.

Florida Jolt spoke with several men and women who believe that Trad Life and the Trad Wife are needed to bring normalcy back to society and compiled their responses.

Trad Wives and Trad families are the new aristocracy. In a dysfunctional world, our children will be productive and well adjusted. We like gender roles. Normal is getting married and raising kids in a traditional household with two parents. Two-parent households are the most significant factor in determining how a child turns out. We reject divorce. We reject having strangers raise our children. Children are better off when they don’t come from a broken home. We won’t let Twitter, Facebook, Bud Light or government schools decide what’s right. We’ll decide. It’s a matter of survival. We reject the trans movement and it’s normalizing of mental illness. We don’t watch the TV shows of today, which subscribe to lifestyles we don’t believe in. We don’t believe in “toxic masculinity” and don’t want to be repeatedly told the lie that white males are evil. Women want men to protect them. It’s about a home. It’s about a loving environment where everyone feels nurtured. Normal vs abnormal. 

Some find this lifestyle and these ideas offensive, and obviously, these ideas are no longer for everyone, but they don’t need to be. Some people may have different ideas of what’s ideal and “normal,” which can and has worked for some but not for others. Trad Wife life is like any movement in this world, including feminism. It’s a reaction to what’s happening in the world that some see as unacceptable. Some will agree. Some won’t. It’s as simple as that. 

Diane Franco, Delray Beach, Florida, loves to make delicious home-cooked meals that make friends and family feel loved and nurtured.

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For those who embrace Trad Wife life, it’s what makes them happy. Diane Franco of Delray Beach, Florida, believes in cooking dinner at home most nights a week. She feels it’s more traditional, and she enjoys doing it. She also loves having dinner parties and makes everyone feel special with delicious home-cooked Italian meals at a beautifully set table. Her guests often leave with a small gift to remember the special evening. Diane wants her guests to know they’re loved, which is what Trad Wife Life is about.

Despite critical comments from the media, Trad Wife life is about love. 

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