Tracy Caruso Tries Durian-a Fruit More Polarizing Than a Political Debate

There are two sides to every issue. Sometimes, you’re left saying, how is it possible that people can be so divided? At least when it comes to food, most of us can sit down and have a pleasant meal together unless we’re serving, as celebrity chef David Chang calls it, the world’s most polarizing fruit, Durian. Durian is the only fruit I’ve ever heard described as a delicious dessert treat by some and rotting flesh by others.

Durian is a fruit native to Southeast Asia. It is spiky on the outside, but inside is a custardy fruit which some say is as delicious as butterscotch pudding, and some say is as delicious as fish that’s been sitting on a counter for a week.

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Durian is a tropical fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. It is known for its distinctive, pungent odor and spiky outer shell. The fruit inside is soft and creamy, with a custard-like texture and a sweet, slightly savory flavor. Durian is often called the “king of fruits” due to its unique taste and appearance. It is a highly prized and expensive fruit in many parts of the world and is often used in various desserts and dishes. However, some people find the smell of Durian unpleasant or overwhelming, and it is banned in some public places in Southeast Asia due to its strong odor.

Durian fruit cut in half. The inside pods have a creamy, custard-like consistency. The spiky outside has seams, making it easy to slice into.

I am a durian fanatic. It tastes like butterscotch/vanilla custard to me. I’ve made shakes out of it and added pieces of dark chocolate and blueberries to it. I’ve even eaten durian ice cream. The best part, it’s good for you. It has natural fats similar to avocado and coconut, giving you a natural, calming high for about fifteen minutes after you eat it. It sounds like a dream food, but for anyone who loves it, there’s someone who thinks it is the most disgusting thing they’ve ever eaten in their whole life.  

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For those that love it, Durian tastes like a sweet custard treat. It is delicious with dark chocolate and blueberries.

Some studies suggest that genetics play a role in determining whether or not someone likes Durian. Specifically, a gene called OR6A2 has been identified as a possible genetic marker for people more sensitive to the strong durian odor. People with this gene variant may find the smell of Durian overpowering and unpleasant. At the same time, those without it may be more tolerant of the odor and able to appreciate the fruit’s flavor.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that Durian can get people high. Durian is a fruit high in carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. Still, it contains no psychoactive compounds that could cause a person to experience a “high” similar to drugs or alcohol. However, some people have reported feeling euphoric or energized after eating Durian. But hey, I know what I know. I ate it, I felt high, and it was amazing. 

People line up for Durian, sold in Asian stores and markets. Those who love it can’t get enough of it.

Several years ago, my husband and I went to Bali with another couple. To add to the adventure, I bought Durian. The hotel immediately informed me that I wasn’t allowed to bring it inside due to the offensive smell that I don’t smell at all. So we stood outside, sliced it open, and I gave everyone a piece. The couple took one bite, immediately spit it out into the bushes, and started gagging. They said it tasted like sweet, rotting meat. My husband said it tasted and smelled like one thousand-year-old egg that had just been unearthed. Shocking when you think of the fact that I eat it for dessert as often as I can get my hands on it. 

Some people think Durian is the most disgusting thing they’ve ever eaten. The smell is so intolerable to some people that it’s been banned from many hotels.

Many celebrities have tried Durian. Anthony Bourdain – the late celebrity chef and food critic, has famously described Durian as “indescribable, something you will either love or despise…

Your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother. -Anthony Bourdain

Gordon Ramsay – the celebrity chef and television personality, has also shared his opinion on Durian, describing it;

Like eating sweet, creamy vomit. -Gordon Ramsay

Andrew Zimmern – the host of the television show “Bizarre Foods,” has eaten Durian on his show and has described it as;

Custardy and delicious. -Andrew Zimmern

Jamie Oliver – the celebrity chef, has mentioned eating Durian in his travels and has described it as;

Beautiful, with a wonderful custard-like texture. -Jamie Oliver 

Any way you slice it, trying Durian will surely be an exciting experience. You can buy it fresh in many Asian markets or freeze-dried on Amazon. Give it a try at your next dinner party. It’s sure to spark a heated debate, and much like politics, both sides will know they’re right. 

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