Tracy Caruso Is A Book Hoarding Bibliomaniac

My name is Tracy Caruso, and I’m a Bookaholic. I have an incredibly vast collection of books. I have more books than any human could read in a lifetime, yet I keep buying more books, much to the chagrin of my family, and it turns out that I’m not the only one with this habit. If you have this problem or passion, depending on your perspective, you’re in good company. There are former presidents, fashion designers, TV stars, and writers who share your affliction. Here’s an explanation of what I see as a charming personality quirk for intelligent people and celebrities who share the same passion. 

Booking Hoarding
Bibliomania is the non-stop buying and collecting of books. It’s either passionate collecting or book-hoarding, depending on your perspective.

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It turns out there’s a name for this book-buying condition. When people excessively buy books, often acquiring more than they can realistically read, it is commonly called “bibliomania” or “book hoarding.” Bibliomania is characterized by an uncontrollable desire to collect and accumulate books, often driven by a passion for reading and a love for physical books. However, when the accumulation of books becomes excessive and starts interfering with daily life or causes distress, it may be considered a hoarding behavior. Luckily for my family, I have learned to give away books to avoid becoming one of the Collyer brothers. 

Fellow bibliomaniacs can understand Tracy Caruso’s book-collecting issue.

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Curiosity and exploration are two reasons people buy books. Books open up new worlds and perspectives. People might feel excited to discover different genres, authors, or interesting topics. Personal growth and learning are significant reasons to buy books. Books offer knowledge and insights that can help individuals grow intellectually and emotionally. Books can hold sentimental value for people and emotional connection, reminding them of cherished memories or essential life experiences. I know that looking at books I’ve read reminds me of who I was at one time and where I am now. My collection and library of books left behind when I’m gone will represent a history of my life—deep stuff. 

There are several celebrities and famous individuals known for their extensive book collections. The list is exhaustive, but here are a few well-known for their book-collecting habit. 

Thomas Jefferson: The third President of the United States was a devoted book collector with a vast personal library. After the original Library of Congress was burned down in 1814, Jefferson sold his collection of books to the government, which formed the foundation of the current Library of Congress.

Jay Leno: The former late-night talk show host, Jay Leno, is a renowned book enthusiast. He reportedly has a massive collection of over 17,000 books, including many rare and valuable editions.

Karl Lagerfeld was a world-renowned fashion designer and a passionate collector of books.

Karl Lagerfeld: The late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was known for his contributions to the fashion world and his love of books. He had an extensive personal library, with estimates suggesting it contained around 300,000 books.

Stephen King: The famous horror author Stephen King is an avid book collector. He has an extensive collection of books, focusing on early editions and rare works of literature.

George Lucas: The creator of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas, is known for his passion for collecting books. His collection spans various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and art books.

Stephen King is known for the many horror books he has written. His wife is also a writer, and so are his sons. Most writers are passionate readers and have massive personal book collections. King is no exception.

Many book lovers buy books to support their favorite authors or to contribute to the literary community and keep their favorite local bookstores in business. By purchasing books, readers can support their favorite indy bookstores. Readers are a unique community of people, and to celebrate them, I will buy a book at my favorite local bookstore.  

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