Tourists Follow GPS Right into Ocean – ‘Pretty Sure That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen’

Honokohau Harbor is quickly gaining attention after a viral video showed a pair of tourists unwittingly driving down a boat ramp and directly into the water. The duo followed their GPS and just kept going.

A sailboat crew jumped into action to save two tourists from their sinking van after driving into Honokohau Harbor in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

“Pretty sure that wasn’t supposed to happen”

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Hutchinson can be heard saying from behind the camera as she recorded for nearly four-and-a-half minutes.

Video of the incident shows the quick-thinking crew swimming up to the driver and passenger and helping them out of the silver Chrysler Town & Country through the front windows.

“I think everyone was in a state of disbelief or just trying to figure out what had happened,” Hutchinson added, “As the car just kept going forward and was getting into deeper and deeper water- the ladies were smiling and didn’t seem to be in any sense of urgency or panic to get out the water.”

Christie Hutchinson caught it all on a now-viral video that has been shared and reshared worldwide.

Others joined in the effort helping the women out the windows and then ushering the two women out of their rental car and to safety.

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Meanwhile, another pair of men tied a rope to the back of the van, attempting to pull it back onto the boat ramp, but ultimately failed as it quickly became fully submerged.

“You can see in the video that the rain is really substantial. I can see how something like this could potentially happen, where it’s difficult to see where the ground ends and the murky waters begin.

According to Hutchinson, the passengers were tourists trying to find a Manta Ray Snorkel tour company in the harbor and had been following their GPS directions when they took a wrong turn into the water.

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