Tom Brady and Ron DeSantis Reportedly on ‘Texting Terms’, Have a Friendly Relationship

Two of Florida’s biggest rockstars reportedly have a friendly relationship.

A report released by the New York Times indicates that five-time Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Tom Brady and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are on ‘texting terms.’

Tim Michels, the Republican nominee for Governor of Wisconsin, discussed their relationship during a campaign event for the Lake Country Patriots in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

“I took Governor DeSantis to the Packer game at Lambeau Field,” Mr. Michels told the group.

DeSantis attended the game at Lambeau Field after a campaign stop for Michels and Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wi. He reportedly “had never been to Lambeau Field before, and he wanted to go,” Michels said. “We’re sitting there, you know, we’re watching the game, and all of a sudden, I look over, and he’s texting, and he says, ‘How do you spell Lambeau?'”

Michels said DeSantis was texting Brady to tell him he was watching his away game at Lambeau Field. “I say, ‘Who are you texting with?’ He says, ‘I’m texting with Tom Brady.’ The governor of Florida gets to text with Tom Brady.”

DeSantis’ opponent, Democratic nominee Charlie Crist, reportedly compared himself to Tom Brady earlier this week.

Michels added, “I’m hoping that when I’m the governor of Wisconsin, I can text Aaron Rodgers,” the longtime Packers quarterback.

Rodgers and Brady have made forays into politics in the past, with Brady expressing his support for President Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.

Brady was spotted with a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat in his locker room in September 2015.

Liberals on Twitter were quick to express their outrage that Brady was not only on friendly terms with former President Donald Trump but was also friendly with rising GOP rockstar Ron DeSantis.

A news magazine called Tom Brady’s relationship with DeSantis’ chilling’ but ‘not necessarily surprising.’

For his part, Rodgers refused the COVID vaccine, instead opting for alternative treatments such as ivermectin, which became controversial during the pandemic.

Rodgers was praised by conservatives in Wisconsin and across the country, notably Senator Johnson, who thanked him “for his courage in defending personal freedom and health autonomy.”

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This month, Mr. Johnson campaigned with Packers fans while wearing Rodgers’ jersey.

Star football players have sometimes found themselves at the center of political controversies, either by intentionally associating with politicians or by accident.

Super Bowl Quarterback Joe Burrow mocked President Trump during his career at Louisiana State University and then praised him during a White House visit after winning the Heisman Trophy.

“He showed so much love to everyone on our team. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, don’t care about politics at all, that was an awesome experience for everybody.” Burrow said.

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