Time to Balance the Scales: Addressing the Lawsuit Surge in Health Insurance

Dear Florida Jolt Editor,

After the legislature did its work on property insurance reform in the last legislative session, I wonder if it is not time to do some more work on health insurance reform. It seems like a lot of the property insurance lawsuits are now being aimed at healthcare providers. If lawsuit reform really will bring down the price of homeowners insurance this year, then I think it makes sense to do the same for health insurance.

Yes, inflation is hurting everyone, but the fact is that healthcare costs are skyrocketing, and I just don’t know how much longer folks are going to be able to hold on. I know that lawsuits are not the only cause of these pressures, but they have to be a big one since the potential for litigation is forcing all of our doctors and hospitals to practice defensive medicine. And I’m not talking about defense from death and disease but defense from courtrooms.

Oscar Chacón
Land O Lakes, FL

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