Time for Slovenly Fetterman to Look & Act Like a Grownup

“I’m just like one of you,” says wannabe everyman John Fetterman-D, a Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania. Fetterman is well-known, not for his life-changing policies but for how he dresses, which resembles a slovenly, less-well-dressed version of Lurch. Fortunately for all of us who have to look at him, he must now dress like a grownup man. The Senate passed a bipartisan resolution this week to restore the formal dress code in the upper chamber, following blowback over the loosening of the unofficial rule, according to the NY Post. According to the ‘Fetterman Rule,’ senators will once again be required to wear business attire on the floor.

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In May, Florida Jolt published ‘Everyman’ John Fetterman’s Appearance Screams He’s a Slob With No Respect for Anyone.

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is a total slob who lacks respect for his constituents and himself, as evidenced by his embarrassing attire that most would consider appropriate clothing to wear to embark on a significant cleaning project at home, where no one will see him. Don’t think that the 6’8 behemoth, known for his black hoodie, shorts, and work boots uniform, isn’t a cultivated and intentional look. It is, and he’s doing it to say, “I’m one of you,” but don’t buy it. His lack of respect says, “I’m more important than you, and I can do whatever I want.” ~Tracy Caruso

Senator Joe Manchin-D West Virginia, and Senator Mitt Romney-R Utah sponsored the resolution, showing that both sides can agree on some issues of basic decency. However, no one should have humored this cretin to begin with. Fetterman has been casting votes from a cloakroom to avoid wearing long pants.

Some see Senator John Fetterman’s bald, slob look as a down-to-earth look of policy matters, not appearance. Others see it as a sign of his ongoing battle with depression.

One of the reasons the rule to lessen the dress code was so obnoxious was that the dress code applied only to senators, not to staff and guests, who still had to abide by the original rules and dress appropriately. Talk about elitist. 

Under the resolution, men on the Senate floor must wear “a coat, tie, and slacks or other longer pants.”

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The NY Post went on to. Report that;

In his private remarks to Democrats on Wednesday, Fetterman said he’ll continue to vote from the cloakroom if he’s not wearing a suit, according to Punchbowl.

Fetterman had practically abandoned any semblance of adherence to the code since returning to the Senate from his multi-week hospital stint for clinical depression. Still, I don’t think this is what’s going on here. He wants to give all of us the middle finger by doing whatever he feels like. 

Some of us don’t love wearing shoes, and we breathe a sigh of relief when we get home and can take them off, kick back, and relax, but we understand that we need to wear them in public. Fetterman knows the rules as well. His rebellious refusal is nothing more than an attention tactic. Teenage Fetterman must have been a nightmare for his parents. At least his peers won’t stand for it. Fetterman, the fifty-four-year-old man-baby, just got schooled. 

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