Tim Scott Says America ‘Hooked on a Drug of Victimhood,’ Indicates Possible 2024 Run

According to Tim Scott, fentanyl isn’t the only drug that’s poisoning Americans.

On Wednesday, the South Carolina Senator spoke to a crowd at Drake University in Des Moine, Iowa, saying Americans have become “hooked on a drug of victimhood.” Scott visited the university on his “Faith in America” tour and spoke extensively about his upbringing and what America means to him. The visit to Iowa indicates that he may be preparing to announce a 2024 presidential run.

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“My mom spent her teenage years surrounded by segregation. My grandfather, her father, had to step off of the sidewalk to let white folks pass by,” Scott told the audience. “He had to drop out of school in the third grade and start picking cotton. When I was a kid, I remember my granddaddy coming to the kitchen table with a newspaper in his hands. Only later do I realize that he had never learned to read. But he was determined that he would set an example for his grandsons to follow.”

Scott told the Iowa crowd that he credited his grandfather’s example for his success in life. Scott is one of only 11 African-Americans to serve in the U.S. Senate. He was first appointed to the seat in 2013 by then-Governor and current 2024 candidate Nikki Haley.

“Life handed my granddaddy every single temptation to lose hope, but he would not. He had faith, deep and stubborn faith, faith in God and the future and in America. And you know what? That man lived long enough to see his family go from cotton to Congress in his lifetime.”

Scott said he was “only here” because his family “chose faith over anger, responsibility over resentment, and patriotism over pity.”
Scott made it clear that he did not view himself as a victim. He continued, arguing that the self-hating victim mentality promoted by the left is poisoning the country.

“Fentanyl isn’t the only poison flooding our country. Politicians and the culture are getting communities hooked on the drug of victimhood and narcotic of despair. They are addictive and they are lethal.”

The South Carolina Senator told the audience that progressives have lost their way and spend their time attacking the systems that enabled him to rise out of hardship.

“I was the teenager whose spirit would have been crushed by a culture obsessed with identity politics and racial strife. We were the family with the fragile budget that the Democrats’ inflation would have destroyed. I grew up in North Charleston, South Carolina, in the kind of neighborhood that liberals claim they are helping when they defund and demonize the police. I was the poor African-American kid they claimed they are protecting.”

Staying true to the “Faith in America” headline, Scott said another major factor in the nation’s decline is that Americans have lost faith in God and each other.

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“Belief is declining, and religious liberty is under assault. Too many Americans have lost faith in each other. Neighborhoods and families are drifting apart. And too many of us have lost faith in itself.”

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