TikTok Video-Woman Returns 2-Year-Old Mattress-‘It was so embarrassing, but we wanted a new bed’

Yuliana Martinez and her Los Angeles partner decided to return their 2-year-old mattress to Costco after learning about their liberal return policy. Not only did they return it, but they also documented the entire return on TikTok. The video has gone viral with 1.4 million views.

Martinez and her partner loaded up their car with the old mattress by folding it like a taco and hauled it down to their local warehouse in Los Angeles after learning of the company’s lenient return policy.

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‘We saw on TikTok we can return a mattress anytime, so we did,’ she explained in the video’s caption, and their efforts paid off.

Martinez filmed her partner as he struggled to remove the mattress from the backseat of their car and place it inside a shopping cart.

While transporting, the mattress fell onto the ground in the parking lot, prompting them to laugh over the situation.

Martinez said they arrived at the store right before it closed, but that didn’t stop them from causing a stir.

TikTok @Yuli_luna11.11

‘Everyone was staring at us, so we stared back at them. It was so nerve-racking,’ she said of walking into the store with the old mattress.

After patiently waiting in line, the sales associate confirmed they could return it as long as there weren’t any stains.

The mattress passed the stain check, but they were told to go outside and put it in a plastic bag to complete the return.


We saw on tiktok we can return a mattress anytime so we did lol i love costco policy !!! #dirtymattress @Costco Wholesale

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‘It was so embarrassing, but we wanted a new bed,’ she explained.

Martinez showed the mattress being hauled off by a Costco employee while bidding it farewell for the last time.

Their plan paid off, and as they left the store, her partner happily held up their $200 gift card and receipt.

Costco offers a ‘risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee,’ according to its website, which states: ‘We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell and will refund your purchase price.’

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Qualifying products purchased at Costco can be returned at the returns counter at any retailer’s warehouse locations.

Martinez’s video has been viewed 1.4 million times and has received over a thousand comments since it was posted on May 30.

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